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Sheep Factory: Ensuing Insanity

Created by PiCookie

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Play in Minecraft 1.12.2.

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After 3 years of work, and 3 rebuilds, it's finally done.

Will is quite possibly one of the most unluckiest individuals. I say this because he's stuck in a map. This map focuses a lot on puzzle elements with a new moveset and slightly altered enemies that are sure to prove a small challenge. With new moveset additions like the slide, lightning summoning sword, and more, surely you'll have a good time.Maybe.

So, if you are interested in a humorous (and by that we mean the guy who made this slapped in about 100 or so jokes that make you chuckle for about a minute before realizing that there was a pun somewhere in there and then causing you to cringe into oblivion) story, full of puzzles that are actually somewhat interesting, here's what to expect in this map:

(Note: It works the best when the render distance is 17; but careful, this map is BIG)

  • Puns
  • Lots of references you won't ever get
  • Neat mechanics
  • Advancements that keep track of progress
  • Bonus Advancements for those who are particularly keen
  • 3 Swords that are arguably, equally powerful but interesting in their own ways.
  • Multiple pathways (sooo you can possibly replay and get a slightly different story)
  • Replayability! Due to multiple paths (8 as far as I'm aware), any replays you should be able to access modifiers which will keep it interesting for a little bit, which includes: love mode; to beat things you hug them  Insanity Mode; a slightly harder version of the normal playthrough, complete with nausea induced nausea! Bowde; every weapon is now a bow so you're welcome.
  • Lore that's cryptic to the point where you'll either spend hours piecing it together or decide that the story doesn't exist at all.
  • Sheep
  • Custom textures (woo!)
  • Music that's enjoyed unironically by some people

The map is several hours long, and depending on how detailed you are in your playthroughs, which paths you take and how fast you solve the puzzles, you can take anywhere between 3-8 hours. So please for the love of ducks, do not do this in one big playthrough unless you have the determination of a black friday shopper. If you find something game breaking (which I highly doubt) I will fix it, but otherwise I'm done with it. Give me feedback please so my future projects will be better.

Need I say more? Yeah, probably. Well I have an extreme lack of social skills so have some trailers instead: - More Official Trailer - Not So Official Trailer

Have fun, and remember,



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Creator: PiCookie
(15 votes)
Version: 1.0.9
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 36.79 MB
Added: 2019-06-07
Downloads: 677
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Yoshu Haven't played it yet, yet I am already intrigued.

2019-06-11 11:11


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