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Roomscape 7

Created by Karott2000

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Map Info

Roomscape is back with the seventh installment. Escape each room to make it to the next, every room is more difficult than the one before. Each room provides you with a few resources which you must use to escape. Escape all 20 rooms to beat the map.

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Changes in v1.1:
- Optimised the map to work at low render distances.

The Roomscape Series


Map Details

Creator: Karott2000
(53 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 529 KB
Added: 2016-06-05
Downloads: 12,926
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 SuperKripton I love this map but I think a problem in "go back" room
My video in fr : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI-eRwHxsx0

2017-01-09 17:06

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0 Umner I can't get to the "Go Back" Room, any help?

2016-08-25 15:19

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0 unknown Quoting LittleMonstertje:
I'm stuck at the room with only one lever and nothing els nothing moves en de lever doesn't do enything ? can someone help my?

just keep spamming the lever

2016-08-18 10:35

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0 LittleMonstertje I'm stuck at the room with only one lever and nothing els nothing moves en de lever doesn't do enything ? can someone help my?

2016-07-08 18:24

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+1 EpicBen0812 I can't launch myself into the place where i put down the redstone torch on the diamond

2016-06-24 03:20

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+2 Tyler The part where you walk on the gray wool I cant get passed is it broken?

2016-06-15 20:33

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+6 Cpt_John_Price SPOILERS GUYS!! for those who didn't figure out the "Go Back" room, you literally need to go back to the black room with the slime block in the middle, there's a lever that will appear that you need to flip it

2016-06-14 11:56

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-1 Cpt_John_Price Me too, Im also stuck at the "go back" room, no matter how I tried to take it literally.

2016-06-13 13:22

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-1 Ace I'm in the room that says go back how do I pass it plz help me thanks

2016-06-11 05:01

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0 KingBranBran I'm stuck at the room with the to holes that lead to the some exact room. Please help!

2016-06-09 20:13

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+1 kusomak i am stuck in the pistons level. Can anyone help me please?

2016-06-08 11:26

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+2 alexandra9980654 It was very glitchy and on one of the levels the levers weren't working! The were not moving anything at all! How am I supposed to get passed it???

2016-06-08 09:06

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+1 Speedy_Spy i ended up breaking a lever with a piston in the piston puzzle...
had to cheat :(

2016-06-07 04:29

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0 reinder the go back sign refers to to the start area

2016-06-06 15:17

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+1 Dyl Same here, stuck in the room that says go back

2016-06-05 22:43

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0 buckybadger794 So i investigated, the command block coordinates are outside the room, block couldnt be placed

2016-06-05 19:49

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0 nails907 Need help with the go back part :/

2016-06-05 19:31

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0 buckybadger794 Awesome map... but stuck in go back room

2016-06-05 19:20

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