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Created by Evil_Octodad

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Map Info:
Hello! My name is Evil_Octodad and this is my first public released puzzlemap which has 18 unique and mind twisting puzzle chambers. It's specially designed to be played with two players only, so you're gonna have to find a friend or stranger to pass each puzzle chamber. Either way you need to have some sort of communication in order to cooperate properly.

No matter how difficult some puzzles might appear to be, I can tell you that they definitely are possible to pass. My testers did a great job pointing out bugs and they gave me feedback on how i could make the puzzles as good as possible.

You have to play with monsters disabled, otherwise they will spawn and probably ruin the puzzle chambers which I guess you don't want. You must also play with survival or adventure mode in order to not be able to cheat. No mods or texturepacks are needed, just vanilla minecraft. The rest of the rules can be read in the starting room of the map.

If you feel doubtful downloading this map I can assure you that you won't be disappointed, because this puzzlemap has a huge easter egg that you don't want to miss. The puzzles are also made out of quality and perfection, so don't be afraid to give it a try.

If you happen to find any bug, misspelling or other kind of poor engineering, please report it to me. Now i'm just gonna leave you with the download link and a screenshot that hopefully will make you feel motivated to download the map, and if you do I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time. Enjoy!

Map Details

Creator: Evil_Octodad
(32 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 2 MB
Added: 2014-03-22
Downloads: 61,660
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 big kahonez good map, puzzles were tough but straightforward . 3 hours play.

2016-10-17 07:02

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+1 Nicolas Cage Man, this map was a BLAST. Quite literally. My boyfriend and I were playing together but got a little... sidetracked after the easter egg. Decided we'd blow the whole place up. If that wasn't fun, I don't know what was. I thought my computer would crash a couple of times. Great map!

2015-09-09 03:27

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+1 MC_BigDaddy One of the best puzzle maps we've ever played. It was creative, fun, no glitches!! VERY well done...hope you do another!!!

2015-08-09 23:59

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+1 Tony IT WAS AN AMAZING MAP. Me and my friend loved it. It was just pure genius. I could only imagine how much work was put into it. Please make more maps :D.

2015-07-18 00:00

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-1 Midnightas This is literally a ripoff of the It's Better Together map back from beta 1.8

2015-07-04 08:08

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+1 thereswaldo Such a fun map! Didn't have any problems. Some of the parkour levels took a while, but the pin code puzzles were fun! By far the most intricate puzzle map I have ever played. 5/5 stars! Would recommend!

2015-05-25 02:18

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+1 WolvnbluesLP This was a great challenging Puzzle game. 9/10 would recommend to others! The parkour bits were a bit rough, but otherwise a great find. I would, however, recommend using more command blocks, would make things easier.

2015-04-22 22:57

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+5 tonirugen Could you update to 1.8 anytime?

2014-12-07 03:49

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+2 MiniMicroChip Just forgot to mention in my last comment (If it gets posted with this) that me and my friend done it all - apart from the last map - without cheating.

So yes, its pretty much all possible without cheating.

2014-08-27 10:52

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+3 MiniMicroChip It was very enjoyable, every single map/puzzle was perfect!

It really gets you thinking, and they are not as easy as they appear to be. Me and my friend spent the whole day playing this map on LAN, and so far it's the best puzzle map I have ever played.

(!Spoiler Alert!)
The only problem would have to be the last puzzle. Why? Well, because you have to guide your partner to get the sand dropped on the pressure plate by pistons. There are four of them in total, but when sand drops on a pressure plate, it will turn to a pick-up item. By the time you done the last one, the pick-up items has de-spawned on some of them, resulting in a stuck exit door. Me and my friend had to go into Creative Mode and break the exit. Hope this gets fixed in future, as its such a shame. (If I'm wrong about this, correct me)

If you, the reader, has not played this map yet, you will not regret getting this map, as it will be the best co-op puzzle map you have ever played!

2014-08-27 10:46

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+3 Iniminimensje there is a hole in chamber 8. But awesome map :)

2014-08-22 16:29

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0 BuzzyCP I saw a lot of people couldn't get passed the second puzzle! But my friend and I got it so feel free to watch our video :)

2014-07-07 01:25

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+5 parad0x This was a great map! Me and my friend played it, and we had a blast. Okay, we cheated a little, but only when we knew how to do it but were too lazy to actually do it XD 10/10 on the map by the way.

2014-06-14 23:04

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+1 DjSprayK "You have to play with monsters disabled"

You can turn this off with /gamerule domobspawning false

2014-05-27 23:54

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+6 Chema Outstanding map. I had a lot of fun playing it.

2014-05-20 21:13

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+3 Bioluminseszenz Hi Evil_Octodad,
I really like your map, the challenges' sizes are perfectly chosen.
However, like some others, we had a problem in level 8.
(I think the construction with the gold blocks didn't work as it should, the signal that goes to the AND-Gatter didn't turn on.)

But nice work!

2014-05-17 17:28

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+1 Sandsten Really good map, lots of fun. Lvl 8 didn't work and the ending was kind of mainstream :p I guessdd what would happen and it did :D

2014-05-10 03:03

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+2 Skills McGee I never leave reviews for maps but this one was just incredible so I had to. This offers a ton of fun for 2 people. Well worth a download. Whoever made this is a MC genius.

The only issue is that we think level 8 doesn't work, so we had to switch to creative mode and break through. But the level is still fun to play even though it doesn't work.

If you don't know how to switch game modes:

creative: /gamemode 1 playername

to get back to survival: /gamemode 0 playername

2014-05-07 05:36

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+4 The Cupcake Alliance My friend and I played this recently and have uploaded it to youtube, if anyone wants to check it out and see what its like I will link them so you can see for yourself :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ltkhwHIbgw (Condensed Video)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lcUP-ZD_vw&list=UUaKv3SAz01z-huWatZ6gLIA (Full Video)

Enjoy :)

2014-05-01 07:27

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-3 Blahsadfeguie I was not impressed with this map. It was decently made, sure, and the "puzzles" were functional, but they are by no means "unique". Just about every chamber is a reskinned duplicate of older co-op puzzle maps (241 comes to mind, which itself was a massively blatant rip-off of an even older map which I believe was called It's Better Together). Even the transitions between puzzles were the exact same as those maps. And half of them aren't even puzzles to begin with. Player 1 stands on a pressure plate so that player 2 can jump across a couple of blocks, where there is a pressure plate that allows player 1 to jump across. Player 1 goes into a room and reads off a combination of numbers to player 2. Yep. Totally "mind-twisting" puzzles there. We grew bored very quickly and switched to creative mode to skip over the more tedious chambers. I recognize the effort put into reconstructing the redstone devices, but is it so much to ask for a truly unique co-op experience?

2014-04-30 06:21

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+2 Arrieye I did an Lp of this with my friend, it's a really fun map:


2014-04-18 02:45

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+3 MadMiner13 Played the map with a friend. Sooo much fun. Could be a few more hints in one or two stages, but apart from that it was fine (even though we lost are minds by the first stage and ended up cheating on about 25% on the levels.)

Here is the part 1 of our play through:

2014-04-17 09:19

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+2 Ferrettomato Quoting Javier:
I cant find a friend or stranger is it okay if I play by myself?

I trust it will be okay, but you will certainly not be able to get very far without a teammate.

2014-04-09 03:53

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+4 butterfly Quoting Javier:
I cant find a friend or stranger is it okay if I play by myself?

you cant do it by yourself it is IMPOSSIBLE

2014-03-30 20:59

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+3 Evil_Octodad Quoting olgaby:
It was fun, but me and my friend found the map to be broken at a lot of parts and had to resort to cheating.

Just updated to a new map version, everything should work just fine now.

2014-03-28 11:29

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-5 olgaby It was fun, but me and my friend found the map to be broken at a lot of parts and had to resort to cheating.

2014-03-27 06:01

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+8 bunny so clever and excellent design and puzzles but i feel this is too hard and complicated so please make it a little easier :)

2014-03-23 22:23

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-18 Javier I cant find a friend or stranger is it okay if I play by myself?

2014-03-23 17:40

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