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Created by 5uperTrinity

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Map Info


This map is based off of a real game, check it out: pr2hub.com.


  • 8 epic levels!
  • Mind-bending puzzles!
  • Simple parkour!
  • Awesome resource pack!

Before You Play

  • Make sure you are playing on 1.10+!
  • If playing on a server, turn command blocks on!


The YouTuber Rule

You must credit us if you record a video of it by leaving a link to this page.

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Map Details

Creator: 5uperTrinity
(61 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 160 MB
Added: 2016-07-01
Downloads: 4,315
Category: Puzzle Maps


-1 Michael Kunze For Youtubers: at level 6 i got a note that there is content (the music) that has got a copyright :/ It doesn't got deleated but still they are moneterising it...

And now: Nice World 5uperTrinity :D

my videos for the Map(German):
https://youtu.be/bMUGvG1__WY & https://youtu.be/9bOzmuXRXhg

2016-07-13 20:01

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+1 Tracer OOOH NOSTALGY! Platform racing one love

2016-07-06 16:06

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+9 LEXUS67 To 5uperTrinity, u r 1 of the best map makers ever! Keep up the good work

2016-07-02 08:31

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0 Etrain_quandt17 On the third level when you die, you respawn where the command blocks are.

2016-07-01 17:55

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