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Magic Cube

Created by TheSkilerPL

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"Magic Cube" looks like an easy map - but it isn't. There are no puzzles like "how to make a torch".

Within "Magic Cube", your surrounding, single 3x3x3 cube, will change, will change very much.

There are three levels with blocks that you may move (3x3x3 moveable blocks).

There is a hint system available as well.

Good luck!

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Minecraft Map - 'Magic Cube' by TheSkilerPL
Download: http://bit.ly/SkilerMaps
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Made for Minecraft 1.11.2

Magic Cube

Creator: TheSkilerPL
Map Category: Puzzle Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.11.2
File Size: 724 KB
Date Added: 2017-04-20
Downloads: 2,538


0 TheSkilerPL Quoting theAwsomegamer:
plz how do i turn back nothing happens

Walk Backwards towards the sign

2017-04-30 08:59

0 Nounce Awesome Map! It strangely looks A LOT like the one I'm making lol. Took me 19 minutes 45 seconds

2017-04-30 01:19

0 Yeetyeet Great Map! Completed in 20 mins 34 secs :)

2017-04-29 09:20

0 theAwsomegamer plz how do i turn back nothing happens

2017-04-27 13:07

0 Minefan Beautyful map, when I watched how many command block you used for this map I steyed shoked. WOW. This is an amazing map and I do a video of this map on my youtube channel MInefan http://bit.ly/2ockIO9 but I don't know if you understand it because I am an italian boy so in my video i speak italian. If you watch my video, thank you very much.

2017-04-25 10:27

0 Vallo This map is amazing! 5/5
Here is my Let's Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dExcceTGX6s

2017-04-24 21:54

0 Mayhonic Made a Video and Added credit, Loved The map pushing blocks is more fun then you might think!

2017-04-24 06:57

0 Mayhonic Quoting ?:
IM stuck in the part: Turn back

Walk Backwards towards the sign

2017-04-24 05:15

+2 Enderslayer456 Quoting banneco:
Epic... I cant find a world to describe epicness of this! =)

The words you are looking for is amazingly awsome

2017-04-23 16:23

0 ? IM stuck in the part: Turn back

2017-04-23 15:56

0 NoodlearFusion Completed in 23 minutes 18 seconds, I like it.

2017-04-23 15:36

0 NoodlearFusion One bug at the start is the fact that trying to use hint right after spawning floods the inventory with paper.

2017-04-23 15:02

0 Nesze Dude, hats of this was an awesome map. It really reminds me of the game Antichamber, though!

2017-04-22 21:51

+4 banneco Epic... I cant find a world to describe epicness of this! =)

2017-04-22 08:08

-1 Powercubed This is a great map, so much better than I was expecting. Well don to theskilerpl. Very much enjoyed

2017-04-21 20:30

-1 TheSkilerPL Quoting steve:
maybe next time specify that it is singleplayer...

Oh, I forgot to mention it :D Thank you!

2017-04-21 20:23

+1 TheSkilerPL Quoting ???:
This seems exactly like the Little Clay Box puzzle map... is there a relation?

Yes, I was inspired by this map :)

2017-04-21 20:21

0 Stalkative Quoting Freezie:
This is amazing. I love this infitine room sytle thing.. How do you even know all this ? I'm currently working on a cube.Like the movie "the cube".. It's full of redstone things and 5x5x5 by now. (much of it is still in work) But still this is one of the things i need.. Like this (YOU HAVE to walk backwards to go further) this is amazing.. one of the things in command i still don't understand.

Sry for my english. Keep up the amazing work.

The infinite room utilizes teleportation and sometimes copies of the rooms
The walking backwards utilizes the rym/ry target selector arguments

2017-04-21 18:15

+1 anonymous what to do in that part then is a hole and the ladders?

2017-04-21 12:28

+4 spector03 amazing... i just got this and... omg! this cubes are amazing :)
Congratulations to you TheSkilerPL !

2017-04-21 10:10


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