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Escape The Sewer

Created by Ohome Design, Logan

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Escape The Sewer is a Minecraft Map which is unique in its own way. You start at work, going into the vault on Floor -2.

But then, all of a sudden, the elevator falls through the floor and crashes into the sewers.

Can you escape and fight the Noob/Pro challenge that awaits you? If you can, then congratulations! You earn diamonds!

This game is multiplayer friendly in all ways.

Credit goes to UnspeakableGaming and Preston, so go check them out on YouTube if you haven't yet!

Don't be too alarmed to use hints from the hint book you can take from the beginning of the map, and good luck! You'll need it! :)


Map Details

Creator: Ohome Design, Logan
(40 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 625 KB
Added: 2019-01-19
Downloads: 3,317
Category: Puzzle Maps


-6 cold2d I dont understand hint #3, I dont see anything that I am able to break.

2019-01-20 04:18

+3 Nicolle Hands down one (1) of the worst maps i've played. The mechanics are cool but the execution and how they're used is horrible. The map is sloppy and I finished it in less than five minutes. There are parts of the map that are broken and the exposed command blocks are very sloppy. Overall, the idea was cool and there were good aspects within it, but overall the map flopped. Hope to see better from you.

2019-01-19 21:59

+19 Player How do you enter the maintence

2019-01-19 20:43


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