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Created by NoVa_nOvA

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This puzzle map is one long road.

Your goal is to reach the end.


  • Do not cheat.
  • Gamemode 2.
  • Enjoy.

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Creator: NoVa_nOvA
(93 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11
Size: 167 KB
Added: 2016-11-22
Downloads: 2,573
Category: Puzzle Maps


0 jollow250 Quoting maxigamer:
it's imp[censored]able parkour! Very easy puzzles! It's can complete by 10 seconds (puzzles)! imp[censored]able shooting with a bow!

actually this was doable i did it
another thing is the bow isn't a boost thing
you have to shoot the pressure plate on the other side

2016-12-27 01:11

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+1 maxigamer it's imp[censored]ab le parkour! Very easy puzzles! It's can complete by 10 seconds (puzzles)! imp[censored]ab le shooting with a bow!

2016-12-03 06:20

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-2 KelsiThePyrofly Not bad! Interesting idea for a map, I must say. Here is my play-through if you want to check it out :D


2016-12-02 05:09

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+2 xgamerpro03 this map had alot of glitches when playing 2 players....

2016-11-26 08:56

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-1 NICO_THE_PRO Hi, I played your map and it was really fun!
I made a video of it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgZuy_rt-CU&feature=youtu.be
Yeah, a bit short I should say, but I found a bug in it (maybe or maybe it's just me being dumb)
Basically on the part where you have a bow and arrow I shot all three buttons and the wall didn't open! Is it a bug, or maybe just me?

2016-11-25 14:23

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0 iRedi Hello Sir,
I think your description is a little bit too lazy and short, can you at least state if this is multiplayer friendly or/and what kind of puzzle map is this..
thank you, Red

2016-11-25 10:58

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-4 It5meSam Nice Map ;)

2016-11-25 03:56

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-2 WarriorsMustang17 I played and recorded your map! It was fun, but some things could of had explaining, other than that, it was cool.

2016-11-23 19:49

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