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Back In Time

Created by Wrenger

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Did you ever wanted to go back in time? Let's find out how it is...

The map has 10 levels and you need to use your powers to travel in time to escape them.

An crazy doctor accidentally gave that powers to you. He is going to kill you in the next day.

Because he can't let you go whit those powers. But you will not let him do that and escape from the levels.

IMPORTANT: If you are recording this map please put my youtube channel link in your video description. It's not 100% necessary but it helps me a lot.

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Creator: Wrenger
(44 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 957 KB
Added: 2018-03-08
Downloads: 2,131
Category: Puzzle Maps


+1 Bloody Is this 2-player viable?

2018-03-11 09:31

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0 Frosted Is it coop player?

2018-03-10 16:48

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