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Blocks Angeles

Created by alexhead8835


Map Info

Blocks Angeles is a modern Minecraft Pocket Edition map created by Alexhead8835. 

This city first began building in October 2014, starting as just a simple idea, it has now grown to one of the most downloaded maps on MC;PE. Thank you for all the support throughout the last few years, and I hope you enjoy the newest update to the map. 

The map contains lots of buildings, a transit system, vehicles, and lots of ideas that I hope may inspire you to build your own city!

For more information on the map, and to sign up to release updates of the map directly through email, visit blocksangeles.weebly.com


Made for Minecraft 0.14.0

Blocks Angeles

(1101 votes)
Creator: alexhead8835
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 0.14.0
Size: 6.7 MB
Added: 2015-03-22
Downloads: 37,415
Category: Pocket Edition Maps


0 Amazonbear12 This is an awesome city map if you were looking for one. I play minecraft windows 10 edition and my sister plays pocket,and we were playing for so long yeterday. This is by far the best city map i have seen for mcpe! I love that they have a subway, a nice modern design and it is easy to find your way around town. Keep up the good work Alexhead8835

2016-12-05 15:47

0 billi So good i love it

2015-09-26 11:43

+4 CookieMonsterxDD Wow! Great map! I spent hours exploring!

2015-08-26 08:29

+8 Wheatley This is cool and very modern

2015-06-09 23:05

+9 Elijahfrog wow, beautiful! nice work man!

2015-03-23 03:24


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