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YouTuber Parkour

Created by Hyugyio

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Map Info:
Youtuber’s parkour is a parkour map featuring … you guessed it, youtubers! In youtuber’s parkour, each youtuber has their own parkour course for you to complete. At the end of each course, there’s the youtubers head! You can place the youtubers head on the designated pedestal at the beginning of the map. To finish the map, you will need to finish all 10 youtuber’s courses.

This map is multiplayer compatible. BUT, if you must play with a friend, you probably want to know some things. The buttons in the teleportation room teleport ALL players. The ‘Go Back” buttons at the start of each course teleport only the player that pressed it. The checkpoints set spawn for ALL players, and the “Go Back” buttons at the end of each stage teleport ALL players.

As a warning, some of the courses are very difficult. THEY ARE ALL TESTED AND POSSIBLE. They may seem impossible at times, but they are all possible. This is version 1.2 of the map, so any jumps that were impossible were fixed.

(Update: you now spawn in adventure mode, as you should.)

Map Details

Creator: Hyugyio
(102 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 605 KB
Added: 2015-11-21
Downloads: 61,890
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Lizquiz89 I'm not good at parkour but a I like the heads.

2017-06-16 18:15

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+1 Lizquiz89 Even though I'm not good at parkour I like how U did the youtube heads!

2017-06-14 20:41

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-7 random guy Out of 100, I give it a negative 4. This map is glitchy as hell (I was playing on 1.8), and disabling the commands is a stupid idea and I got struck by lightning 5 times. At least set the weather to sunny permanently. Also, if people want to ruin the fun by going into creative, let them do it. Who cares about the rules?! Imma just go change the codes in the files if you don't change it. :/

2017-01-02 05:03

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0 frustrated816 This map is awesome, but it's only letting me play the first three people. :(

2016-12-11 02:17

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+4 Cardsfan22 I really liked the map

2016-11-09 00:06

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+5 CaptainChez Where am I? I am a YouTuber. Actually I am recording this map for yt........lol jk I don't care if you didn't put me in I have like 12 subs XD

2016-10-05 00:27

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+1 kris 1/10 5 spawnpoints not work

2016-08-27 16:12

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0 Coolperson Quoting Random Guy:
1/10 Boring you really need to scroll down the screen and read "How To Build a Parkour Map".

Don't be mean Hyugyio probably spent a long time making this map I thought it was great

2016-05-12 03:20

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2016-03-04 22:10

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+3 Solyman please change from adventure mode because its impossible some can do it and some cannot

2016-01-14 19:21

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-14 Random Guy 1/10 Boring you really need to scroll down the screen and read "How To Build a Parkour Map".

2015-12-04 17:57

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+2 DaZombieBoss Great map. It started to rain on me on FuriousMMOs so I wish I could have done /toggledownfall , other than that great map!

2015-12-03 12:03

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+1 minecraftpro_ Great map. Lee's parkour was quite difficult though..needed another checkpoint. I kind of rage quit and made a checkpoint on my own :P All the others were easier. =)

2015-11-28 02:32

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+4 JohnOaklyjohn 10/10 one of the best but easy maps that I've played in a long time!!!

2015-11-25 03:06

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+2 wafflebr0 I love this map I am making a lets play on it on my youtube channel: wafflebr0 I am noticing after every level a jump towards the youtube icon appears I wonder whats inside :3 anyway great map I wish they were ordered by difficulty though

2015-11-24 21:42

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0 BudderCat97 I agree with ThePuzzler13

2015-11-24 01:42

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0 sahwn hook I rate this map 10/10. its just what I'm looking for in a parkour map. hope for more in the future.

2015-11-24 00:56

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-2 Myst Xtreme Hey, great, challenging map! I did a Let's Play of this and recorded my failure at most of the levels.

2015-11-23 12:25

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0 PerfectYT Good map, sadly i couldn't record and upload it to youtube. My recording software made it to laggy :(

2015-11-22 17:18

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-1 TBNRlavafox I couldn't get pat the ladder jumps on Jerome. I didn't understand how to do it, it made me so mad.

2015-11-22 05:04

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+1 ThePuzzler13 Good map, but can you make it so it is actully themed around youtubers? Like for DanTDM you could do like the lab or something.

Otherwise awesome map 9.99/10

2015-11-22 03:18

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+2 Krusty 2 be honest i thought this map would have a lot more youtube themed things in each section but u was disappointed to find the only youtube themed thing was different blocks for each person.

2015-11-22 03:02

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0 bedrockbreaker Great map. Waiting for the sequel :D

2015-11-22 02:44

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+1 BudderCat97 Oh my gawd awesome map but you should explain how the bajan canadians level works cause I got confused about the seppret ways you can go and it took awhile to figure out that I have to few in those directions to make the level possible. Other wise good map make a sequel.

map rating from me: 9/10 also first comment

2015-11-21 22:14

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