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Tower of Doom

Created by justin_th

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Map Info:
Welcome to the Tower of Doom. Complete multiple stages of challenging parkour to reach the end of the map and a reward.

This parkour map is great for either single or multiplayer. It offers various parkour challenges, including cacti, ice, slime blocks, and even the infamous minecart jump.

This is my first parkour map, so if you liked it or even made a youtube video, please say so in the comments!

Map Details

Creator: justin_th
(5 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 289 KB
Added: 2015-11-09
Downloads: 11,631
Category: Parkour Maps


0 _UsataMrkva_ The map is great but only spawnpoints don't work.

2015-11-14 10:10

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+2 justin_th Thanks guys for the feedback, I'll try to fix that bug

2015-11-10 22:46

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+4 SmokeyStreamsMC If you die at the start you immediatly go to stage 12

2015-11-10 14:54

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+1 DasGürteltier I need to add something to my last comment... I don't know how to do these invisible barriers but these are very bad placed sorry... I'm not even on stage 4 and everythings buggy and not possible cause I keep crashing in these barriers or stand on them

2015-11-10 14:00

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+3 DasGürteltier Well I started the map fell off after a few jumps and then respawned at stage 12 o.O

2015-11-10 13:53

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