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The Wall 2

Created by Stellar_

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Map Info

Welcome to The Wall 2! This map is the sequel to my last map, The Wall.

Parkour up a giant wall and don't rage!



  • 1. Stay in gamemode 2
  • 2. No cheating
  • 3. Have fun
  • 4. Don't rage


Map Details

Creator: Stellar_
(242 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 453 KB
Added: 2018-02-27
Downloads: 2,132
Category: Parkour Maps


+3 Anonymous The fifth jump (from the ice block to the stone slab) is impossible, even with momentum :/

2018-03-11 22:32

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+1 X this so bad most jumps are impossible

2018-03-02 15:25

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+2 _xSalman In the picture their are ladders why are their shulker boxes they make me rage quit and when i press a button it pushes ice and it stays for a short time i hope u fix this!

2018-03-02 05:46

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0 randomguyoninternet lol dont rage as a rule xd
(not for hate)

2018-03-01 12:59

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+5 falcon3 With Parkour I'll 100% rage quit

2018-02-28 15:01

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