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The Negative Zone

Created by Mirgeaux

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Map Info:
Welcome to The Negative Zone, a "pitch-white" dimension of parkour where things aren't always what they seem. Watch as the very path around you disappears and reappears in the void of whiteness.

The Negative Zone takes advantage of the Super Secret Settings as well as a unique texture pack in order to create an incredibly interesting and mysterious world for you to parkour in.

Many of the blocks are textured in such a way that they "blend in" with the backdrop. The only way to see these blocks is to look at them from different perspectives. 

Hope everyone has fun! :)

To play this map properly, you must use one of the Super Secret Settings in-game.

To do this:
Go to the Super Secrets Settings in the Options menu, click it "10" times, the glowstone should now be blue. If you clicked it too many times you can relog to reset it.

Please DO NOT change this setting once it is set, it is required to play the map.

The Resource Pack is included with the download, please remember to use it with the map as well!

Map Details

Creator: Mirgeaux
(7 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 1.25 MB
Added: 2015-03-01
Downloads: 15,676
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Doudyice I can't get to the Super Secret Settings :{

2017-06-17 21:45

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0 Nabriel This was SO fun!

2017-04-07 19:08

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+2 NinjaBubble100 I've been looking for a parkour map to play for a while with my friend, and this one ticked all the boxes! Great map so far, and I enjoy playing it to the end :) See the first video I made on it in the link - https://youtu.be/Nt6W3kj836s

2015-05-30 20:08

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+4 thendenster Crazily trippy and challenging. Amazlling map

2015-03-19 23:40

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+8 Trist0n This map was flippin crazy, in an amazing way! :D loved it!
made a youtube playthrough as well :3

2015-03-03 04:58

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+7 Plauntskie Hey, this map is fantastic, and I'm doing a lets play for it!

2015-03-02 15:05

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+12 koko112 i LOVE it. something new, something better...

2015-03-01 20:34

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