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Parkour Seasons

Created by BlazeKing

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Map Info:
This is a parkour map going through all the different seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

There are 10 levels in each season, and 40 stages overall. In each season there is at least 1 holiday.

This parkour is not very hard. It may have a few 4 block jumps.

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Map Details

Creator: BlazeKing
(95 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 823.04 KB
Added: 2016-02-13
Downloads: 5,143
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Levente did u know there's an empty room?

2017-02-17 20:29

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0 micrusa gamer My gaming: https://youtu.be/A00dAqbqQ5Q

I cheat it one time why you make a impossible map :v

2016-02-21 18:08

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0 Simon Copying Paradise Parkour a bit ? !

2016-02-19 20:58

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0 MCTyyyy Some of the levels were kind of difficult while others were fairly easy. I created my own design in the empty area. Here is my map play: https://youtu.be/a13gWlRUBq8

2016-02-16 03:58

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+1 BlazeKing Quoting anonymous:
poorly made map 1 star for me

Be nice bro i can't edit it.

2016-02-16 00:08

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0 BlazeKing Thank you all i need to fix those...

2016-02-15 23:55

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-1 ? easy? really? It is impossible whith those stupid invisible blocks!

2016-02-15 21:57

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-1 anonymous poorly made map 1 star for me

2016-02-15 15:53

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-1 Kitty Great map!........... .........THERE WAS A 5 BLOCK JUMP! WHY MAKE A MAP YOU CAN'T COMPLETE! THEY DON'T EVEN REPRESENT THE SEASONS! I'm a disappointed kitten /\ /\
o o
--- /\ ---
--- ---

2016-02-15 15:30

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0 Bobby There were a couple things wrong with this map... Alright, so in the beginning of the fall season, when you get the lever, in gamemode 2 you cannot place it unless you switch gamemodes. I had two problems with the winter part, firstly there was one part where if you fell, you couldn't get back up without flying. Second, there was a complete part that was just blank and empty and I had to fly over it. Also, when you used the slime blocks to fling yourself into the cake room, you couldn't get on the fences in the first place to do so. My last problem with the whole thing altogether is that there were a few things that were too secretive, like having to randomly jump somewhere you didn't know was there. Overall, it has good potential but some things need to be fixed...

2016-02-15 06:24

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0 Harrison There is a redirect loop glitch

2016-02-15 02:47

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+1 twin2aa Is it multiplayer compatible?

2016-02-15 01:59

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+1 Bob Nice map! I raged at some parts (I'm not very good at parkour) but it was a great map! Just one thing-you should put barriers surrounding each level because on the spring level with the big tree, I could just jump to another level if I wanted.

2016-02-15 00:45

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