Moving Snake Parkour

Created by TheDerpCrew

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Welcome to Moving Snake Parkour! Have you ever played snake parkour? Probably. Was it fun? Sure. But was it actually moving like a real snake? No, most likely not.

Now you can parkour on a real snake! "How does it work?" you ask. The snake follows the path of colored dots from the beginning pipe to the ending one. Jump, hop, and find your way to the end with confusing twists and turns that'll make you rage (possibly). But watch out as the snake can split and go thru itself! Things can get tricky :P

There are a total of 9 levels. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, and White. The levels get progressively harder.


  • This map is for Singleplayer mode.
  • Make sure to play in 1.10.2


  • Redstone and mechanics designing was done by ConquerCraft.
  • Spawns, levels and building was done by Archist.


Made for Minecraft 1.10.2

Moving Snake Parkour

Creator: TheDerpCrew
Map Category: Parkour Maps
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 2.8 MB
Date Added: 2017-01-06
Downloads: 4,676


+1 Hope the NOPE When I press the snake starter, it wont start! I've restarted my game and the map, but nothing is happening!

2017-01-14 23:34

+3 the_epic_babyo Quoting cc:
its not going to move for me :(

Quoting exodvs:
Can't say how good or bad this map is because the fishing rod doesn't work to start the snake

It doesn't work in 1.11.2, load it up in 1.10.2 like the map says.

2017-01-14 15:37

+2 Banbanino OMG such a well made map. never seen anything like this. annoying but very good .

2017-01-14 14:07

0 TheDerpCrew Make sure you close a difficulty before you start, or the snake won't move!!

2017-01-14 13:01

-2 Samwise the fishing rod doesn't start the snake :/ could have been good :'(

2017-01-14 04:40

0 Howwie Awsome map guys you guys should try it

2017-01-14 02:12

-3 exodvs Can't say how good or bad this map is because the fishing rod doesn't work to start the snake

2017-01-13 19:03

0 cc its not going to move for me :(

2017-01-10 22:12

+2 Gio Good map for Parkour

2017-01-07 19:56

+8 Kobe Games I played this map and found it to be really good

However I recommend sticking to the puzzle aspect for this map and not adding difficult jumps as in my opinon it ruins the whole purpose of the map. I think it gets rid of the effect by having to restart sections over and over again because of a quad

2017-01-07 19:54


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