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Island Run

Created by ManojWarWay

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Island Run Is a parkour map which make you feel relax. Start your run today and jump into the leaderboard !

This map was made by a new awesome map creator who was interested in making a cool looking place in MINECRAFT !

Download the map today and COMMENT | SHARE | VOTE ! and a very big thanks for the peoples who supported and downloaded !!

Only for Minecraft 1.12!


Map Details

Creator: ManojWarWay
(184 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 15.5 MB
Added: 2018-09-16
Downloads: 7,574
Category: Parkour Maps


+4 It5meSam If you're going to use a resource pack made by someone else at least credit them...

2018-09-21 23:02

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+2 TNTexplorer_ Best minecraft parkour map ever. It has good builds , amazing details and crazy commands !! This map makes me happy do part 2 plzzz

2018-09-20 16:36

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+2 athan17 cool map

2018-09-20 13:34

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+3 GigiGamer_YT amazing Map !!! love it :0 :D

2018-09-20 12:20

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+4 Map Reviewer The map was good but I realized that the resource pack it came with was BitBetter. You are not supposed to use that resource pack for your creations without the creator's permission. You didn't even give credit or mention his/her name.
So next time, don't do that unless you have the creator's permission!

2018-09-17 08:50

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