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Heaven Run: Unlimited

Created by El Lukette

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Map Info
This is a challenging parkour map. When you start to run you can only sprint. You cant stop. If you run this under 1:30 you are very good in parkour. You can record this map  and upload it on youtube.com and I will be very happy if you send me link on your challenge video. My channel is lukas1999z. Thanks for playing :) El Lukette.

PS: Rules are in the game.

Now updated to version 2.0 "Heaven Run: Unlimited"

Map Details

Creator: El Lukette
(35 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 957 KB
Added: 2012-07-14
Downloads: 64,409
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Aindriu1802 Good job, gave mi a lot of fun. :) 10/10

2018-02-08 16:00

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-1 UR2Cancy4Mee Nice map, my record is 50s. Good job!

2016-12-24 13:35

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+4 sonjy Hey I completed it in 39 seconds! Amazing challenge :)

2013-06-27 22:59

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+5 adopolus this map is awesome keep up the good work!

2013-04-08 12:06

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+9 El Lukette Here is the link on the Heaven run 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/?g25f8dzvdopoh40
I finished the rest of the map.... I dont know why, but that link on the top is link on the old version.

Thanks for playing ;)

2013-03-09 22:02

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+2 TheHotwhells1000 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18GtNmQL7xg
Here is my film from this map

2013-02-28 19:08

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+10 El Lukette I started making Heaven Run 2.0

2013-01-10 17:50

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+4 HareDk A little montage of my run with time stamp


2012-12-28 15:54

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0 tenzo44 i did a playthrough of this parkour map
the link is here
enjoy my many fails

2012-12-20 06:09

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+6 flamemaster01 awesome parkour map i think the you should make a way down though :D

2012-11-29 02:06

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-1 Makeyobubbubs Had tons of fun while playing it :D
though I did rage a bit

2012-11-01 22:02

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-4 sammg_95 Hey guy this is the actual play through of this map
check it out please ^.^

2012-10-26 12:26

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-1 sammg_95 Hey this is my first play through of the map
Feel free to check it out

2012-10-26 12:23

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+1 MattG1116 the only problem is the stair because there is a glitch where stairs make you stop sprinting

2012-09-23 17:39

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+3 gabriel Love the map just played it. Think that it is one of the best i have played. Though at the end the room may need some glowstone.

2012-09-18 08:55

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+3 mdbird what are the cords

2012-09-09 20:42

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