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Find the Items

Created by Badwolf1173

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Map Info

In this map you need to find five item's to win, but in order to get those item's you have to do some parkour.

This is my second map ( way better than the first one ) where your goal is to collect the five items and store them inside their chests.

Basic rules: Don't cheat, Don't break the map, and have fun =)


Map Details

Creator: Badwolf1173
(695 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 334 KB
Added: 2017-08-15
Downloads: 9,989
Category: Parkour Maps


+3 KarmaKix Awesome Parkour for a noob like me! Thanx for the map :)

2017-08-23 13:32

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+3 MonshiieeYT BTW I make a video for this maps :) your map is great :D Keep on making this one :D ►

2017-08-21 05:29

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-3 BOSSBOYZ2 very very sort map I have finished it in under 5 minutes.

2017-08-20 23:23

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+1 Krisler This is good

2017-08-20 21:47

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+3 MissCrazyGamer Simple, short and cute little parkour map.

Here is a play-through of the map if you are interested:

2017-08-20 21:46

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+2 Yello This map is incredibly short and easy, but it's still fun

2017-08-20 15:47

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+3 mooooof good but small

2017-08-20 14:44

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+1 SmokeGA cool i beat it in 3Minutes if u dont believe ill uploud a video tommrow so yeah u can check it

Video check i beat map in 3 minutes

2017-08-19 13:23

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-1 Enchansio Stupid map! Too bad! Too easy!

2017-08-19 10:16

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+3 Vinsis108 Pretty Easy But Fun. Plus It Was One Of The Best Maps Iv'e Ever Seen! Great Job!

2017-08-18 10:35

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+3 Elemental11221 It's very easy to cheat. All you need to do is get the items out of their item frames.

2017-08-18 07:50

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+3 Hollic Games I beat it. Pretty simple but fun. Great parkour map!

2017-08-16 02:43

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