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Elemental Parkour

Created by cliff0428

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Map Info:
This map is a small parkour map with great work and cool little story scene's in it! The parkour goes from easy to hard.

The map has been fully tested but if you find out a bug tell me and I will go check it out. I hope you enjoy this story along with all the redstone and determination that went into this map.

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Map Details

Creator: cliff0428
(7 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 365 KB
Added: 2015-11-17
Downloads: 12,912
Category: Parkour Maps


0 cliff0428 Quoting Parkour Master:
Hello Maker There is a bug for me at the first when i go to level one it just glitches and i cant move

Sorry for that but its not the map. You should be able to move just fine. I haven't got anyone or seen anyone who has not been able to move. So it's just you. Maybe you were lagging.

2015-11-24 00:51

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0 Parkour Master Hello Maker There is a bug for me at the first when i go to level one it just glitches and i cant move

2015-11-21 08:13

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0 Azerz it's kinda ok. But it's a little bit weird that some of the blocks are missing.

2015-11-20 08:16

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+1 wafflebr0 Short but fun map wasn't that hard I notice when the diamonds appeared it said "whats happing?" instead of "What's happening?"
other than that great map

2015-11-19 22:31

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0 Mataxor Review:
Fantastic map, nice ideas, good redstone and an actual story. A solid 8/10
Area for improvement:
A sound when completing a level.
Fixing a spelling mistake. (You wrote auctaly instead of actually)
Teleporter is a bit useless because the map is short and you always know which level you did.

But at the end at awesome map!

2015-11-19 21:13

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0 cliff0428 I love all the positive feedback in these comments sections! If everyone here can get me up to 15 subscribers on my channel or if this comment gets 5 likes I will most likely make a second map to where it kind-a mix's together with this one!

2015-11-19 17:42

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-1 KungFu Yes This Map Does Look Very Impressive But One Flaw Is Why Did You Call It ELEMENTAL PARKOUR If It has nothing to do with the elements.

If You Need Any Help The Elements Of the world are:
Fire,Water,Air,Lightning,earth and life! :) Good Work Though!!! Keep Up The Work On Making Maps! :D

2015-11-18 19:36

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0 Pixelwarrior You should have put like a parkour map like you find this parkour lab and they find you and you escape but one scientist finds you and brings you into another parkour map(this one)

2015-11-18 01:40

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-6 cliff0428 Ya I know that. I'm not the best at grammar.

2015-11-17 23:18

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+3 Dahbestcod The map is very well designed.
The only flaw that I have found is the incorrect use of grammar and punctuation. :3

2015-11-17 06:41

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