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DragonSprint 2

Created by dragonic212

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Map Info:
Welcome to DragonSprint 2! This is a huge sprint parkour map, set inside a glass dome. Your goal is to finish it in the fastest time possible! You can play it with up to four players.

Please tell me when you record this on YouTube!

*Play on Easy.
*Do not break any blocks.
*Play on Creative mode.

Have Fun!

Map made by dragonic212 (Check out my other maps and trailers!)


Map Details

Creator: dragonic212
(11 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 5 MB
Added: 2013-06-29
Downloads: 108,612
Category: Parkour Maps


+2 iCucoMovil this map is amazing

2015-10-09 13:09

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0 Caitlin Nice map
one of my favs

2014-10-05 08:53

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0 Irish Nice Map! Love it :3!

2014-08-20 07:45

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+3 Beargrillz Wow this map is long. I love it!

2014-07-08 19:13

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+4 Sebastian Ribault This map is crazy awesome keep it up well done on it i was so happy i almost died keep making those maps.:}

2014-04-27 17:47

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+2 Newbie5000 That was easy but fun make more and make it like that one plz i love this parkour map so good luck making some :D

2014-04-12 01:23

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+8 Creeper5435 Awesome map

2014-02-03 05:27

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+1 AdrielTorres Me like the map :D

2014-01-11 00:45

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+6 iTimzig http://youtu.be/ofOcsY68IXY I made a video with your Parkour map on my channel.

2014-01-01 16:06

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+9 Mr_Creeper4334 Amazing man just straight up great job looking forward to more maps later:D

2013-12-31 18:38

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+3 baaz Very big. I like it. :)

2013-12-03 15:17

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+10 CookiePvP Quoting Franek:
this map is amazing

Yes this map is very epic and i really enjoyed playing it with my brother

2013-11-10 10:30

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+10 AdamHuw Hey man! I love this map! I did a little review sort of play through of it and it is actually really awesome! If you guys want a bigger preview of the map then check my channel! I'm not trying to 'advertise' my channel or anything, just like to show if awesome things people have made! KEEP MAKING MORE DUDE! Thanks for the sick map :D

2013-10-11 17:43

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+24 MCMN57 Two Words: Great job.

2013-09-03 22:43

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-12 XUndeadXReaperzX Just made a video about this map but is still uploading. it will be fully uploaded after 3 hours of when this comment was posted.
part 1:
Part 2:
coming soon (very soon)

2013-07-08 11:57

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+19 MyGodLord My God... This Is Complicated and Awesome.

2013-07-08 06:07

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+10 mrbliss using this on my server with all the tnt edited out and a spawn built in. Nice job

2013-07-07 17:31

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-10 PERSON THING FACE Quoting Fizzy Winkles:
Where is the first one?


I think that's it, unless I'm an idiot.

2013-07-01 20:34

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+6 deathdog763 This was one of the best maps I've ever played and I have played over 100 maps.

You need to make a number 3 but make it a little more clear where you need to go because I got lost a couple times. :)

2013-07-01 16:17

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+18 Fizzy Winkles Where is the first one?

Awesome map by the way.

2013-07-01 04:34

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+10 Franek this map is amazing

2013-06-30 16:08

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+3 dragonic212 Guys you can watch the trailer here:

2013-06-30 14:40

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+14 NickApplesauce Hey, I thought that this was a pretty good map, with a lot of nice, different parkour sets that were visually pleasing. However, there is one complaint, and that is the confusion that can come with this map. At some points I got lost, didn't know where to go, and went onto a different track which led me in a circle, lol. But, I eventually found my way back, and I completed the map in its entirety. Also, I am confused about one thing. You say play in creative, which is a very good choice for a map like this, but you also say play on Easy. Mobs don't have any part in this map, as far as I can see, and all they seem to do is cause a little extra lag. Since they don't attack you, and you can't get hungry since you are in creative, I do not see the purpose of being on Easy mode. However, aside from the little quirks, the map was very good, and I can tell a lot of work went into it. I give it a 9/10.

2013-06-30 03:49

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+4 Hippieman123 This is one of the best parkour maps i have ever played. I loved how when i thought i was almost done, I looked around and saw all the parts i havent done yet.

2013-06-29 15:09

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