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Cross-Biome Parkour

Created by creeperface83

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Map Info:
Welcome to Cross-Biome Parkour!! This map will test your Minecraft parkour skills to their limits. You will find yourself jumping across slick ice mountains, jumping across burning Netherrack, and even riding a minecart into the dragon egg portal in the End!

This map is very difficult and is not meant for beginners. However, if you do manage to get through it, your reward is a fun minigame at the end!

Do you have what it takes to complete all the challenges and scale the Final Climb?? Only one way to find out. Download now!

Map Details

Creator: creeperface83
(24 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 41 MB
Added: 2014-07-02
Downloads: 107,442
Category: Parkour Maps


-4 Kaoz_Gaming You need to break through the wall/Box of netherrack adn dirt and things like that then you will see what happens

2015-03-13 12:07

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+3 Czab1 When you enter the Nether, it takes you to the portal you use to EXIT the nether, so basically it lets you skip the whole nether. Then the portal comes out in a spruce forest, and there is a small thing nearby with stone, netherrack, and dirt.
I assumed the portal was supposed to come out somewhere else in the overworld, but I couldn't find it after a lot of flying around in creative.

2015-01-02 06:33

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0 Guy who wants answer I came in the tiny box which sais: go into the nether XD!, so I did that and I came into a little box which sais: Portal to overworld, I think something wrong happend with portal connection. But when I come in overworld again, there is no where to go. Could you please help me or send a video or so.

2014-12-31 12:08

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+3 sean after it says find the sand pyramid i found the first and the second redstone arrow but on the second redstone arrow i go left and i cant find anything. plz help

2014-12-14 17:19

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+10 Kit_dragon Where do i go after nether portal?
(im in podzol forest)

2014-09-20 07:50

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+15 connor i got to the part after the first question where you teleport to the forest and i dont know where to go

2014-09-07 15:28

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+4 Nabulous5 Dude, very nice map 5 stars!

2014-08-24 00:17

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+9 AnaGames Cool! I love Parkour!!! :)

2014-08-13 13:53

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+1 Ziz Just finished recording this map for my channel (zizgames) so will be up soon, great map, rage inducing but great, may of bent some of your rules (sorry) to make recording easier haha

2014-08-11 12:06

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+12 GManSonic i feel like super sonic from sonic the hedgehog when i crash into the dragon egg! good work!

2014-07-31 13:56

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+11 GManSonic (makes a serious face)

i have to be honest...

(suddenley makes a realy realy REALY happy face0


(Goes back to searious)

no but honestley this map is amazing and cant wait for a part 2!

2014-07-30 17:34

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+9 Laluna This map take a long time to download,but it's a great map,the minigame is pretty cool too!

2014-07-28 13:01

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-17 Dafelso_55 Well Done Map but i hate the questions about Assasins Creed, Black Ops & Halo

2014-07-26 09:16

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-26 HikariDoragon I did an LP check it out!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Jq-WPEbi74

2014-07-21 17:51

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+8 Sayrah Took about 2 minutes to download for my computer, and this is a good map so, a win - win, love it!!!

2014-07-20 01:37

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+9 alexellinas Omg amazing map i love it

2014-07-18 12:48

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+2 NeoThomasCraft Amazing map dude :D

2014-07-17 17:18

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+2 MeJinxx Amazing Map! It was a great map make a 2nd One!!!!!!!!!

2014-07-12 18:10

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+1 Behtash The ending was just amazing well done.

2014-07-11 06:40

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-1 creeperface83 Quoting EnderCrafted123:
I got to the village stage where you get teleported into the village house and i don't know where to go from the village. Not into the ravine or cave no teleporter in one of the houses. There aren't any signs saying thenks for playing or giving any hints. Someone please help me!

Go up the ladder in the house where you spawn and follow signs. You should be able to eventually reach a house containing a teleporter. If you fall off the village course, come back to house with beacon to restart.

2014-07-08 22:56

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-5 EnderCrafted123 I got to the village stage where you get teleported into the village house and i don't know where to go from the village. Not into the ravine or cave no teleporter in one of the houses. There aren't any signs saying thenks for playing or giving any hints. Someone please help me!

2014-07-08 17:37

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-6 slime345creep good job i will give 10 out of 10

2014-07-08 09:49

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-7 creeperface83 Thanks for the comments. A youtube LP would be appreciated!!

2014-07-06 18:11

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-7 135225641879212 Never mind my previous post I just realized I was going the wrong way

Any ways like I said before keep up the good work

2014-07-05 02:17

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-8 135225641879212 Good map I enjoyed it :)

Just one thing though there is a impossible jump (I think it is) on the ocean level where you jump from an iron block to an emerald block which is 4 blocks across and 1 up which I don't think is possible in normal mc without potions

Keep up the great work ;)

2014-07-05 02:14

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-9 rtyuhgj This map did not take any time to download lol

2014-07-05 00:39

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+5 FatesZKillaZ Not being rude but this one takes like a snail reaching a mile to download!! Same like joe, it took up my Friday night! I'm hoping it to be nice! Peace! KIRBY SHAKE!! Lol

2014-07-04 18:26

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+7 joe this fun map took up my Friday night!

2014-07-04 15:55

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+15 Gold Kill epic i love this map!

2014-07-03 15:20

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