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Conservational Dirt

Created by eclipsedminer

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Map Info:
Welcome to this part puzzle, but mainly parkour map. In this map, you can place blocks to make the parkour easier, but be aware, you don't want to leave the blocks behind. Play this map to realise why dirt can be so useful...

Now you may be thinking, "Dirt? Why would I need that. I find it everywhere and would probably rather have less of that." But here, dirt is useful.

It can be used as scaffolding, a block to jump to, and many more building uses. It is cheap, and easy to find, which makes it an easy instant temporary building material.

How do you get out of a hole? You could mine your way our, but wouldnt it be easier to just place dirt in a stack? You have limited materials here. Use your dirt wisely...

Map Details

Creator: eclipsedminer
(15 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 5.2 MB
Added: 2015-10-31
Downloads: 12,679
Category: Parkour Maps


-4 Ivan Domrachev Why i couldn't brek dirt? Please tell me

2016-05-31 16:10

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-1 Delaney DGA_Orange Its a good map but one thing you may wanna change is that you don't know what to do and then it just gets boring. You should make signs to tell people where to place the dirt.

2016-05-17 22:26

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+7 Basuiney your map is AWESOME

2015-11-16 05:32

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+7 parakeet101 I loved your map so much! It was tough,but it was awesome!

2015-11-03 02:28

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+4 DaComputerBoss Same here RS_Mind, except I couldn't even get past a few jumps. It would be nice if there was more of a tutorial.

2015-11-02 23:00

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+3 RS_Mind I'm very confused, I couldn't beat the map because I had no hints as to how to win or where to go, I managed to open both water pipes but cannot do anything more

2015-11-01 16:48

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+12 DaPizzaKing Loved your map! It was simple, yet challenging :D
One thing though, the hallway where there's a barrier block to annoy ppl... the button isn't there so, I had to cheat through a lot of the map cause I couldn't get the gravel. But all in all it was AWESOME! Keep making maps dude.

2015-10-31 22:10

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