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Blast Parkour: Sky Jump

Created by Captain_Norway

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Map Info

Welcome to Blast Parkour: Sky Jump. In this map you have to blast through 8 different levels. Each level has its own difficulty. Your goal is to beat this map in the least amount of Blasts.

You will be tested in your skills in normal parkour and blasting yourself with TNT! Be tactical! if you follow a wrong patch you get unnecessary Blasts, remember you goal is to get the least amount of Blasts!


  • Play in Adventure mode.
  • Don't cheat.
  • No breaking blocks.
  • Play on peacrful.
  • Turn off clouds.


Thanks for Playing my map, and if you make a video on this map, then put a link in the comment box.

Challenge your friends to beat your score!


Map Details

Creator: Captain_Norway
(66 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 429.36 KB
Added: 2016-02-28
Downloads: 4,216
Category: Parkour Maps


+3 Captain_Norway Quoting Dante Biello:
Arent the invis blocks supposed to tp u back? They didn't work.

what didn't it work, did you play in the right version?

2016-03-10 16:35

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+1 Turner8311 How do get back up after you fall!

2016-03-08 12:52

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+2 Dante Biello Arent the invis blocks supposed to tp u back? They didn't work.

2016-03-08 00:55

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+1 MCTyyyy Another awesome map by Captain Norway! Loved it!

2016-03-03 04:25

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