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2 BITS - Black and White

Created by Foleros

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Map Info:
A new map about "2D" parkour, speed and deaths. It's a parkour map with a little puzzle thrown in, but this map is pretty hard as well.

There are 15 levels to complete.

Play in Peaceful, don't cheat, etc...

I'm not going to give you this map's estimated playtime, because that depends on the player.

Thanks to Zephirr & Aerosmite.

Hope you enjoy playing this map !


(I'm French so my English is pretty horrible).


A little parkour.

A little park...ow...yes...you can see it ;-)

Map Details

Creator: Foleros
(3 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 4 MB
Added: 2015-05-20
Downloads: 9,348
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Gorilla It was pretty hard, loved the design of the map.

2015-09-07 17:41

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-1 Enderman1981 This map is terrible. i can't jump because i don't get jump boost and the boosts at spawn only last for 4 seconds. i can't even see when it gives me speed.... tell me if you make it better and i will download it again. Bai

2015-08-31 23:14

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+1 YoYoBros This Map was fun but how did you think about this awesome map???

2015-06-11 04:52

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+2 Foleros First of all, thanks a lot for your comment.
Maybe two months, March and April.

2015-05-22 15:35

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+4 MonkeyMC_ I would rate this map 6/10, it was still good, but it was a bit repetitive at times, good job though. How long did it take you to make? :)

2015-05-21 17:00

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