Mods for Minecraft Servers
Server mods are essentially modifications made to the official server software. The objective is to make servers easier to manage, by implementing privileges for various commands like (kicking, banning etc.). These are often used as wrappers, which will not modify the main .jar file, but rather just monitor the output, via a sequence of commands to it.

Generally speaking, the server mods you choose to use on your server will mainly depend upon what types of people are playing on it and what kind of gaming experience you want to provide for them. However, there are a few must have server mods, which will help to enhance your server and keep it running hassle free.

Some common sense server mods are:

- Implementing a ‘kicking mod’ which kicks people out for abuse, this plug-in helps to quickly boot people who abuse the system or attempt to hack it using familiar methods.

- A banning mod which will ban people for a certain period of time depending on their offence, this is a useful plug-in to have as you’re not always going to be logged into your server to manually ban people.

Some essential plug-ins:

An extremely powerful plugin, it allows the user to edit the in-game map, and change the entire landscape of the world with just a few clicks. It features three different types of editing tools available to use.

This mod helps to protect your server from harm, by disabling hazardous features in minecraft, such as fire spreading and those pesky Endermen stealing your blocks.

LWC is a chest protection plugin, although it is mainly intended for chests, it can be used to protect any block, including doors and signs. You can set the block to private, so that only you can access it, or you can set it so a password is required to access the contents of the chest.

This is an all in one type plug-in, which makes it a must have for any respectable server. Many of the commands make it very easy to add an amazing amount of functionality to your server. It currently features over 100 different commands, ranging from full player moderation to in-game private messaging.