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Minecraft Mini-Game Maps

Game maps are mini-games made within minecraft (game-ception!). They can range from a variety of different things, but most of them are usually inspired by mechanics found in other games.


Grand National  

A fun Horse Racing map designed specifically for multiplayer. Up to 6 players can race in one of 2 race modes.

Creator: VentureRealm MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-08 Downloads: 35,625
(7 votes)
Comments: 8

Ghast Blast II: Sands of Destruction  

Ghast blast II is as fun-filled as the last one! Trust me, You and your friends will have a blast with this brand new minigame!

Creator: Parad0x MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2013-07-02 Downloads: 26,021
(9 votes)
Comments: 16

Bomberman (Bb's Version)  

I'm pretty sure you've heard of the minecraft mini-game Bomberman. Well, have you tried my version, with additional power ups?

Creator: Bb MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-06-19 Downloads: 25,238
(7 votes)
Comments: 9

Ghast Blast!  

Up to 10 players, dodging fireballs to destroy the earth below them, while cautiously stepping around deadly fire, with one goal in mind. Reach the bottom.

Creator: Parad0x MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-06-11 Downloads: 26,632
(7 votes)
Comments: 10

Lava Race  

Can you be the first of your friends to escape your own platform tower and reach the surface?

Creator: HADuke MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-05-26 Downloads: 28,013
(17 votes)
Comments: 2

Rainbow Runner  

Welcome to Rainbow Runner, a small mini-game made by me, adamtherealone. In this game your objective is to outrun the hurtling, shimmering rainbows. Hit a rainbow and your turn is over!         

Creator: adamtherealone MC Version: 1.5.2
Date Added: 2013-05-18 Downloads: 67,758
(70 votes)
Comments: 31

Gabum's Golf 3  

Gabum's Golf is back with over 100 Holes on 10 Courses!

But it's more than Minigolf: Many other challenges are waiting for you!

Creator: Gabum MC Version: 1.4.7
Date Added: 2013-02-12 Downloads: 36,858
(20 votes)
Comments: 19

Gabum's Golf 2  

Gabum's Golf 2 - The sequel to Gabum's Golf 1! 60 Holes in 6 new courses!

Creator: Gabum MC Version: 1.3.2
Date Added: 2012-10-10 Downloads: 16,475
(13 votes)
Comments: 9

Fun World 2 Amusement Park  

Welcome back to Fun World 2! Now with Fun World's FIRST birthday, We have a lot to offer! some things include...

Creator: Guy_With_A_Stick MC Version: 1.6.4
Date Added: 2012-09-08 Downloads: 127,204
(73 votes)
Comments: 91

Gabum's Golf 1  

Gabum's Golf is a Minigolf map with a total of 27 Holes. In the first part there are 4 courses: Normal (9 Holes), Nether (3 Holes), Aqua (6 Holes) and Ender (9 Holes). Good Game!

Creator: Gabum MC Version: 1.3.2
Date Added: 2012-08-27 Downloads: 21,131
(9 votes)
Comments: 10
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