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Tennis in Minecraft

Created by SuperT

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Map Info

Tennis in Minecraft was made by me, SuperT, because I saw SethBling's Video and thought, "I could probably throw something together that's updated in 1.12 and uses a resource pack and some invisible armor-stands and mobs" I made this just because I thought I could improve SethBling's version. If you do like this map be sure to thank him for inspiring this.

Resource Pack: Obviously you'll be playing with your friends (if you have any, unlike me) so here's the resource pack. This includes the rackets and the tennis ball.

How It Works: The rackets are retextured shovels with different knock back levels (Power 1, Power 2, and Power 3, Power 3 being the strongest with the most knock back) There is a baby slime with infinite health that's invisible and it has a snowball on it's head that is retextured as a tennis ball. When you get a point, you will simply click the "Point Button" on your respected side. To serve, click the "Serve" button on the side that is serving that round. To win, get 6 points. If both teams get 5 points, the round goes into a deuce, where to win, you must get 7 points. This continues until the winner must get 9 points. (If both players get 8 points it doesn't go into a deuce because I didn't make infinite points checkers.


Made for Minecraft 1.12.2

Tennis in Minecraft

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Creator: SuperT
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 362 KB
Added: 2018-06-03
Downloads: 5,690
Category: Game Maps

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