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Sven's Epic Rollercoaster

Created by Svenneke05

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This is my rollercoaster: "Sven's Epic Rollercoaster". I hope you enjoy it

Have fun!


  • It's 14 minutes long.
  • There are different themes and parts in the map.
  • Rainbow, canyon, snow and more!


  • Don't break blocks.
  • Stay in your minecart and don't move.
  • Play in peaceful.
  • Play in adventure mode.
  • Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Svenneke05
(107 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.3
Size: 6.5 MB
Added: 2019-07-04
Downloads: 4,379
Category: Game Maps


+7 TheFan Very Nice! Thanks for your hard work!

2019-08-02 20:03

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+17 Toothless_Stone I expect to be fun but how do I open it?

2019-07-12 19:19

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+11 TheUltimateDestroyer Awesome. I played the map and made a video on it. I had a fun time and you have great building skills.

video -

2019-07-09 19:26

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+18 FanwasG Love the themed area's, don't like the "open" area's in the sky as much.

Speaking about the sky, that small little "heaven" section looked cool, you should definitely elaborate on that one

2019-07-05 09:00

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