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Created by NeoMc

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Scramble is a game based weakly on an old idea I had back in the day! In Scramble, the idea is to take the messed-up word you see up on the board and reorder it correctly on the gold board in front of you! You are awarded points equal to how much time was left in the round!

There are a total of 255 possible puzzles that can be generated from the system, each of which ranges in difficulty, character length, and concept. Can you guess them all?

Scramble comes with 5 different themes! There is a Pokemon theme, Food theme, Animals theme, Christmas theme, and Minecraft theme! Each features 255 different possible puzzles included! Plenty of fun for everyone!

I may in the near future ask good old Masteroreo77 to help finish a tool that would allow you to create a text document with 255 lines of text (no more than 15 letters/spaces per line) and import it into a "special custom" map setup. We may even make it possible to easily share these documents here on the site! Let me know what you think at my Twitter @NeoMcCreations!

Map by NeoMc!
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Map by NeoMc
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IDplcz
Download the Map: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/game-maps/scramble

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Creator: NeoMc
(38 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 1.5 MB
Added: 2015-12-21
Downloads: 4,955
Category: Game Maps

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2018-01-22 13:06

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0 Luigi_MC Did a video of it with 2 of my friends, had a great time, very nice game implemented into Minecraft! :)

2016-02-10 00:32

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0 UnknownGuy Quoting CuteCupCakeG:
I say you need a realm...
You Can Set Up A Vanilla Server And Put The Map In It By First Renaming The Map Folder "world" And Deleting The Folder Named World That Had Already Been Generated In The Folder. Then Replace It With The New One! Hope This Helps :D (And Yes, I Capitalize Every Word.)

2016-02-07 03:44

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0 TheVietnamBomb I played the map, it's awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RgcRhS69_w&feature=youtu.be

2016-01-25 21:01

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0 CuteCupCakeG Quoting SLgaming:
great map! how do u play it with your friends

I say you need a realm...

2016-01-14 21:09

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0 NeoMc Quoting PowerPie72:
when i load the world, i just spawn in a clean world, and i fall in the void, can you give me cordinates to the palce

Are you playing this in 1.8.8 or 1.8.9? The only reason you would fall into the void is if you did not have command blocks enabled or are on the wrong version.

2016-01-13 04:03

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+2 PowerPie72 when i load the world, i just spawn in a clean world, and i fall in the void, can you give me cordinates to the palce

2016-01-11 10:21

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0 SLgaming great map! how do u play it with your friends

2015-12-31 16:43

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