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Kill Switch

Created by Taiizor

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Map Info:

Multiplayer: Take turns in flipping switches. The one to activate 'Kill Switch' loses. Think of it as Minecraft russian roulette.

Alone: See how many switches you flip before the 'Kill Switch'

1-5 - Haha
6-12 - Terrible
13-22 - Bad
23-35 - Decent
36-48 - Very Good
49-54 - Awesome
55 - Jesus

*Map will need to be reloaded to play again

To play again with a different 'Kill Switch' location download one of these:
1.2 - http://adf.ly/CB8Ak
1.3 - http://adf.ly/CB92r


Map Details

Creator: Taiizor
(21 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 160.39 KB
Added: 2012-08-05
Downloads: 36,567
Category: Game Maps


-1 blazecine Great game, russian roulette. I recorded myself playing it, check it out here!

2015-10-27 00:19

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0 hooptiecoupe i would recommend using the new /clone command to replace/ reset the map easily without having to download the map again.

2015-05-20 22:54

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+3 Jumbo Elephant Sigh. Guess what the first switch was. Yep the kill switch. I can see this map being a short fun game. As I downloaded from the other links I found it very intense and enjoyable. You haven't forgot about this map though? Because it'd be great to see more updates for this. I know this map didn't have to much work or effort put into it but for the length it lasted it was pretty good. One of my all time favourite mini games!

2014-08-25 14:37

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-2 AresGortex me and my brother flicked all 55

2014-01-20 19:46

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+4 WonderWolf01 Quoting Alec:
Yeah cool map the first time i played i got like 20 then the next time i got 54
and i think there are only 46 levers I'm not sure

There are 56 levers. Each wall has 14, and 14x4=56.

2013-10-22 00:27

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+3 WonderWolf01 Made it to 39 before i heard the TNT. But i all in all survived, I escaped the lava. lol great map! Make more!

2013-10-22 00:22

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-10 Minecraft102396 woah i got 54!! yay im awesome

2013-06-11 01:39

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+1 Maxicat12 I got all 55 switches! I like how you get blown up by TNT then fall into lava. :) Awesome map!

2013-05-23 16:41

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-6 Alec Yeah cool map the first time i played i got like 20 then the next time i got 54

and i think there are only 46 levers im not sure

2013-05-05 13:24

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+4 ZgeL My friend and I played the map. It was fun.
You can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvW31hJ-A3k

2013-03-04 22:01

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+26 xXT3RR0RGAM3RXx I flipped the first switch. Died. Im not very lucky, I guess...

2013-02-14 00:13

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-18 Carmont Great map, I'll be checking back for the updates for sure!

Check out my attempt at the link below!


2013-02-07 19:26

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-9 ErazerGames I got to 46 switches :p Made a video of it:


I also make video's of more minecraft maps =)

2013-01-07 16:45

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+3 BabiiBL I got 54! I'm not kidding xD Even I got surprised! haha I usually have reaaaally bad luck...

2012-12-28 02:53

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-14 Charles1472 46 switches not including the kill switch flipped
1st time

2012-12-07 13:41

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+6 brambleberry95 Cool map! I got 25 ): uploading a video before I head to bed, youtube name is the same one I commented with :D xx

2012-12-06 23:48

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-10 Sarah The 13th switch I flipped was the kill switch.. Curse you superstition! xD

2012-11-16 16:54

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-11 Burnt2Flames Made a Video on this epic map.

2012-11-02 14:03

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-7 Koz Buddy of mine and I created a quick lets play of your map. We did 34


2012-10-31 17:19

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-10 nikola i think i got 54

2012-10-30 16:15

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-8 sammg_95 I did a quick video of this map if you want to check out what its like

2012-10-26 12:22

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+6 Dranzer87 Got all the 55 switches first try... got excited at the end and then nothing happened for 3 seconds thought the map was broken. Then *BOOM* into lava. Really lucky i guess lol

2012-10-09 21:45

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-1 Brandon3074 so boss my 1st time 55 then i hit kill switch BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM MMMM

2012-09-20 03:49

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-5 huffpuff1337 46 switches not including the kill switch flipped.
Pure lucky

2012-09-10 17:21

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+2 kilsalot Hey man pretty sweet map. Me and my friend done a little playthrough of it, hope you don't mind. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/iYBSVkMZpZ8

2012-09-06 20:18

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+2 Logan 53 no joke XD

2012-09-04 04:20

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+4 Xepeos got 25

2012-09-02 14:16

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+25 Ashley I got 0, I got blown up on the first lever. No joke.

2012-08-29 01:18

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-2 jacob lol i did it and got 3 walls and 5 buttons before i got killed and then when the tnt exploded i didnt die then the lava didnt kill me either.

2012-08-25 23:11

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