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Ice Boat Madness

Created by Mithey external

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Map Info

Ice Boat Madness is a new map which involves gliding over ice while riding a boat in a race against your friends while also using power ups against them! Get your friends ready for a blast!


Players: 1-8 supported (the more the better as the map is intended for multiplayer)

Made for Minecraft Version: 1.9.2

  • 5 different big racing tracks!
  • 10 different power ups to collect and use on your friends!
  • Inspired by Mario Kart
  • Leader boards to see who is the top racer
  • Ability to customize what power ups are used
  • Custom music and sound effects
  • Custom boat textures
  • Bonus challenge modes
  • Bonus boat spleef mode

Note: The resource pack comes with the map download. It's named resources.zip in the world folder.


Map Details

Creator: Mithey external
(148 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 38 MB
Added: 2016-05-03
Downloads: 11,958
Category: Game Maps

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+5 Thunder Quoting Yoctometric:
Wow! This looks incredible! A singleplayer version would be nice, though.

I have no friends :(

I agree same here

2016-09-14 00:10

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+2 BudderCat97 I played it with some friends but we couldnt figure out how to get the resource pack working for them 7/10 for none specific resource pack download instructions

2016-07-05 03:40

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+4 Gypsygirl108 Honestly the map is amazing the effort put into the little details are great and the style of everything makes it so fun and easy to play also theres bonus challenge modes??!! EVEN BETTER ,my friend group and I had a great time and didn't even give me a tough time when installing like most maps!!!

2016-05-30 23:22

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+7 YZKnight It looks very good, thank you for the master of this map.:)

by China

2016-05-17 22:57

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+4 Quimko Awesome.. just awesome.. thx MITHEY

2016-05-08 23:20

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+8 za5989 I like this map a lot! amazing work on the builds! The only negative thing that I have to say is that I wish that there would be some kind of system that, if you fall off of the track, teleports you back to the track. But maybe in the next update!

2016-05-07 13:45

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+4 Oconoger Great Work!
Really, i love this Map!

Greetings, your Oco

2016-05-05 20:17

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+6 Yoctometric Wow! This looks incredible! A singleplayer version would be nice, though.

I have no friends :(

2016-05-04 01:07

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