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Created by NopelA4

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Iron is a Minecraft map where you have to find an iron block or iron to make the iron block by yourself. The levels consist of parkour jumps, hidden chests, a maze, a fight with iron golems... If you want to know what else, find it out for yourself!


There is only 1 rule: Have fun!!!

=> Everyone may cheat, but if you cheat, know that you are a noob (or you love cheating, that is also possible).


If you play my map for Youtube – a small or a big channel, it doesn't matter – Let me know in the comments or send me a mail to NopelA4maps@gmail.com with the link of your video. I will watch your videos with pleasure!

Also: I will make a playlist with all your videos of my map on my new channel NopelA4. There are no videos or playlists yet, but if you send/give me the link of your video I will add this video in the playlist.

I'm also the editor of the Youtube channel of a friend, don't forget to check it out: The Koolio.


Map Details

Creator: NopelA4
(51 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 2.6 MB
Added: 2018-04-28
Downloads: 1,961
Category: Finding Maps


+2 Gotimanga I really like the map. some of the ideas to get iron are awesome. I think the first level was quite hard though ):

2018-05-30 20:50

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+2 NaufalContoh Here is the video! You be sure to watch it.

2018-05-19 14:35

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+4 WallStreet Had a blast! Thanks for the great map :) I look forward to doing each level

2018-05-02 20:37

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0 NopelA4 Quoting ADDICTEDAIDEN:

No, singleplayer. Sorry...

2018-04-29 19:00

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+2 QuickStick I just done a video about this map.

2018-04-29 15:49

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+1 Kawaiicecream I'm still stuck on the first level of the map. Yes, I did cheat (because I am a noob) and I saw that under the sand in the water there's a chest with placeable sand. I know where to go from there, but I don't know how to break the sand above the chest. Could someone help me? I don't want to completely cheat the whole level.

2018-04-29 13:32

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+2 StormFlame Gaming This map is filled with quality levels. I loved playing every second of it . . . Except for that dang parkour!


2018-04-29 00:13

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+2 Aldarick I recorded my wonderful adventure on this awesome map. Short and simple ;) You shall try this map everyone who see this comment :D

2018-04-28 23:17

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+2 JammyToast I wanted to make a 6 episode series and i was wondering how long your adventure map is it looks really fun!

2018-04-28 22:48

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+3 ADDICTEDAIDEN Multiplayer?

2018-04-28 19:27

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+4 BellyWelly WOW amazing!!!! :) keep up the good work

2018-04-28 16:24

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