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Hidden Buttons: The Story

Created by Scythebrine

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The new part of "Hidden Buttons" is ready! This time it's a pretty unique one... This time you are not only trying to find some buttons, but also experience short, but entertaining story!

Open chests and read books to get into the story. Find levers and buttons to reach your destination.

Remember to use Minecraft 1.12.2! It's very important!

Map was tested several times and works properly.

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Creator: Scythebrine
(47 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 332.4 KB
Added: 2017-10-06
Downloads: 5,468
Category: Finding Maps


+3 zorak i can't find the button to teleport to the secret lab

2017-10-09 03:01

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+4 zorak how do you get into the the mothers house?

2017-10-09 02:53

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+5 Scythebrine Quoting Marcell0101:
Is it multiplayer compatible?

I didn't test the "multiplayer" thing, but previous "Hidden Buttons" maps were multiplayer compatible... So the answer is: I think so. You can try. :D

2017-10-08 19:58

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+4 EmilyAnneT I can't find the button to the secret labratory, can anyone help me?

2017-10-08 07:13

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+4 Danielynn That map looks cool :D

2017-10-07 21:05

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+5 Marcell0101 Is it multiplayer compatible?

2017-10-07 08:42

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+4 Gaelmendia I loved it very much :D

2017-10-07 02:06

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