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Hidden Buttons

Created by Scythebrine

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This is my first minecraft map. I was inspired by all of these "Find The Button" maps, so I decided to make something similar.

I tested this map many times and it works properly. It contains 10 different levels. All of them are unique and different from each other.

This map is not hard. Maybe it sometimes requires some brain skills, but I think everyone will be able to beat all of these levels!

I hope you'll enjoy this map!


  • Play in /gamemode 2.
  • Play in peaceful difficulty.


Map Details

Creator: Scythebrine
(78 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 166 KB
Added: 2016-06-03
Downloads: 11,843
Category: Finding Maps


+1 IceBotYT Is this compatible with LAN Multiplayer?

2018-08-06 22:58

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-1 CC_Girl I just posted a video on this map! Check it out! (I left your YT channel in the description + download link!)

2018-05-30 15:42

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-1 Loll Ik where it is it is in a tree u need to get up

2018-05-21 09:02

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+2 Dopsiestlemon47 This button game was fun tree one was tricky for me

2017-10-22 20:52

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+1 wyatt I had awesome fun and couldn't imagine how long it took to build! I'll be playing other hidden buttons by you too!

2016-10-25 13:16

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+2 jart711 Hi this map causes insane rage but nice map i couldn't find out where the lvl 3 button was lol

2016-10-16 01:19

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+6 Noah Deano I think that map was super awesome :)

2016-06-13 18:47

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-1 Ventingace Awesome Job! I rarely leave comments on maps, but yours was especially fun to play. I've uploaded a gameplay of it on my channel and I encourage you to go watch it; I'll DEFINITELY be doing part 2 and uploading that as well. Keep up the great work, Scythebrine!


2016-06-06 16:12

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+3 M-Dubs Hi, I played this map and it took me about 7 minutes to complete. I made a video on it! Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp_VuEd4ecY

2016-06-05 15:45

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+3 Scythebrine Thanks for these nice comments! I'm thinking about making a new map like this (this time I want to make about 20 new levels!). Feel free to record this map! Cheers! :D

2016-06-04 18:06

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0 Goldair1 Quoting Goldair1:
I just played it. For a first time its good. I even had a hard time on some of them haha But over all its good.

I should of waited till the upload was done but oh well.. I did a recording on it also heres the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyCLMv3sdLw
PS: Sorry about my voice i know the sound is low..

2016-06-04 14:42

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+1 Goldair1 I just played it. For a first time its good. I even had a hard time on some of them haha But over all its good.

2016-06-04 11:38

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+2 oddieball1234 Hello~ Just got done playing your map and I really enjoyed it ^^. Would love to see more!

Also I recorded it.


2016-06-04 00:07

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