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Go Seek It!

Created by BlastoiseVeteran

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This is Go Seek It! A minecraft Find The Button themed map. I made this in a few days and sorry if it's bad, it's my first Minecraft Map I've made.

This is a map where you will go through 7 levels, and your task is to, well, of course, find the button in every level.

Now, the buttons are placed in some hard spots to find, so you have to use your brain.

There is also 2 buttons in each level. One will be the right button, the other won't be the right one and kills you, so be careful!

Hope you have fun playing! :)

Map Details

Creator: BlastoiseVeteran
(72 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11
Size: 483 KB
Added: 2017-01-20
Downloads: 3,018
Category: Finding Maps


0 Fortune Ventures I really liked the concept of the two buttons! :P We played your map and uploaded it! Thx for making it!

2017-02-02 14:52

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+1 Evan I did it! i am about to upload this, so I'll give the link.
Btw, I need your YT link (if you have one) so I can put it in the description of my video.
Anyways, great map ;) Level 4's was sneaky

2017-01-29 19:22

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-2 IAmFuntimeFreddy map creator your mean the only button i found 1st that was NOT fake was Lv 1 i hate u u can do the next but OMG IF I FIND NO REAL ONE 1ST I WILL BE MAD

2017-01-29 19:22

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0 WupWup Level 6 is impossible you cant jump that high lol change that level i had to gamemode.

2017-01-29 05:52

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+1 NearlandsMC Anyways I won this game just 5 minutes ... GG

2017-01-28 07:55

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0 NearlandsMC Quoting Da_DerpyUnicorn:
Level 6 and 4 were impossible to beat. Other then that, your map was great!

Really Dude ... You might need some more curiosity ... I've done alot of Find Buttons maps, you need more practice .. #GoodLuckLearni ng(;

2017-01-28 07:54

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0 LordVader06 Actually I figured level six out with gamemode 1 it was really hard

2017-01-25 22:57

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+2 Oliver When i press the wrong button then i dead. When i found the right button and i'm in level 3 and press the wrong button, the i start at level 1. Why ?

2017-01-22 18:09

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0 Da_DerpyUnicorn Level 6 and 4 were impossible to beat. Other then that, your map was great!

2017-01-22 02:46

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+1 James Good first map! My biggest problem though was the inability to see the button.

Yes, I did rage.

2017-01-21 23:59

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+1 ItsRevan_ Nice Map! I Like it! :D

2017-01-21 13:33

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0 Mopsikcz this is troll map

2017-01-21 10:55

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