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Find The Button: Dimensions 2

Created by Mr. CrazyKid

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Welcome to Find the Button: Dimensions 2, which is a part 2 to my Find the Button: Dimensions series! This map consists of 9 levels:

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. The Circuit
  3. The Farm
  4. New York City
  5. Space
  6. The Nether
  7. The Acid Cave
  8. The Redstone Dimension
  9. The Void

Just as last time, you should watch out for false buttons as well. I am a beginning map maker, so if you could please give me a shoutout, that would be greatly appreciated!

I'd also love to give a huge shoutout to CaptainSparklez for playing my previous map as well!

Finally, my last request is that you have fun, and enjoy the map. 



Map Details

Creator: Mr. CrazyKid
(25 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.2
Size: 3.1 MB
Added: 2019-06-12
Downloads: 2,750
Category: Finding Maps


0 Thunder Gabe Awesome map, this may seem odd but one of my favorite things about your map is your lack of teleportations. It made the map feel a lot more fun for some reason lol. Anyways I made a video on your map you can check that out here Another amazing find the button map

2019-06-15 06:18

0 I don't have any hints....what do I do?

2019-06-15 03:22

0 Epix Quoting Keira:
Second level difficult. Can't find blue LED button, and i wasted a hint on it.

it is in the far corner from the entrance

2019-06-14 20:59

+1 Epix on lvl 3, what does "look deeper" mean

2019-06-14 20:56

0 Ronyn Hey! This map was great!

Made a video of it for my channel:

2019-06-14 16:34

0 Keira Second level difficult. Can't find blue LED button, and i wasted a hint on it.

2019-06-13 19:07

0 Keira I need a walkthrough

2019-06-13 19:05


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