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Find the 40 Button! Part 2

Created by TonicBoomerKewl

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Map Info

Continuation of the Find The 40 Buttons map!

Similar to Part 1, Part 2 of this map also contains 10 Differently-Themed Levels with 3 Hidden buttons each, together with a Final Level that has 10 Hidden buttons, making it a total of another 40 Buttons to find!

Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

Map is Created & Tested by: TonicBoomerKewl & Cute.

Part 1 of Find The 40 Buttons: http://www.minecraftmaps.com/finding-maps/find-the-40-buttons


Map Details

Creator: TonicBoomerKewl
(64 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 7.6 KB
Added: 2018-07-07
Downloads: 9,704
Category: Finding Maps


0 TulipPlayz i can't find the last button on the last level plz tell me where all of them are its been 2 days

2018-08-07 18:30

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-2 Cotton_Tario I love your maps, problem. some of your reddstone doesn't work, the lever in the temple, flowers, desert, etc. the levers work but some of the redstone just doesnt work and we had to go to spectator mode to get it

2018-08-01 02:22

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-3 ITZ_CALO__ Thank You!

2018-07-18 19:17

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+3 emerson2122 is it 2 player????

2018-07-17 21:03

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0 Arno31 Oh my God, your last level with flowers is so awesome !

Go check our channel on the Friday 20th of July for the first part, and Tuesday 24th of July for the second part.


Love you.

2018-07-17 17:00

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0 William Neil I cannot find the last button for level 5 i think the desrt one

2018-07-09 19:53

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+2 JuanGamer03YT Hey, your map is very good, but in the end there is a button that is impossible to shoot (I think) I had to look for it in creative mode.
It's a good map, congratulations for your work :p

2018-07-09 00:56

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+5 Jack It was great so far but On the level "mine" I can't find the 3rd button i found the one from the pickaxe and on the corner of the end portal but can't find the last one.

2018-07-07 20:11

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