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Minecraft Escape Maps

Escape from various places in these puzzle maps.

Use the power to go back in time and complete the puzzles.

Escape a chest using redstone.

16 challenging sections in a colorful and tight room!

Puzzle solve and think outside the box in this short difficult escape room!

This is a room escape based puzzle map. There are 25 different rooms, with a unique puzzle in every one! In each room, you must complete the puzzle in order to open the door and proceed.

Can you find your way out of the mysterious mansion? Find out in this escape room like puzzle map!

You're stuck in a stone tower, can you escape? Think...

Can you escape the trolls? WARNING! This map may make you rage!

In Roomscape, you must escape rooms by solving puzzles in each room to open the door to progress to the next. This is the 11th installment, containing 20 new and unique rooms to escape.

Escape the Wool Complex is a puzzle map with a focus on exploration andĀ opening up new paths.

The third and final map in the "I Can Leave?" trilogy, this map combines the simplicity of I Can Leave? with the complexity of I'm Really leaving for a more enjoyable, fun and working map!

Do you want to Escape Prison? Well this time will be harder!

Can you leave yet again? Find out in this cool sequel to I Can Leave?

Will you be able to escape all 10 prisons?

Escapee is a Puzzle map that requires you to overcome many different obstacles in each room. There are a total of 14 rooms with 14 different and unique levels.

You have escaped the room twice before. Can you do it for the third and final time?

The second map in the Escape series!

Escape the room. Simple right?

Can you escape the place where he took you to? Or will you stay there to rot like the others?

RedstoneWay is a puzzle map in which you have to connect the wool with redstone to escape from each room. No additional information will be given, the player will have to find out what function each wool has.