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Minecraft Escape Maps

Escape from various places in these puzzle maps.

Roomscape 4. Escape the rooms for the fourth time. Made for Minecraft 1.8.

During lockdown, escape is possible. It's time to take advantage of your brain skills and find a way to get out of here while you still can.

The 5th map in the Roomscape puzzle series.

Last time you were here, it was all over. It was... the end. This time, it has all changed. There is no end. It is infinite.

Designed to be a multiplayer challenging escape map, you are permitted to break any block, this map offers you an experience you will never forget!

The only way to escape this prison is to solve puzzles, are you smart enough?

You don't remember anything. You wake up and are thrown into an endless stream of tests to try and make you go insane. Can you escape?