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Natural Dropper

Created by NICO_THE_PRO


Map Info

This is a short little map featuring naturally generated droppers in the world.

Your mission?

Show your cats that you are a pro and complete all of them!


Update v2.0:

  • Fixed a design bug where you can see stone in the first structure.
  • Fixed the bug that let you skip the last room.

Made for Minecraft 1.8.9

Natural Dropper

(421 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.8.9
Size: 13.53 MB
Added: 2016-03-14
Downloads: 17,490
Category: Dropper Maps


+1 CoolKid193 Killed myself and saved the cats... they were so cute i didnt want to kill them

2016-09-25 17:36

0 CoolKid193 Where are the exits???

2016-09-25 17:26

-3 xX_NeonGameR_Xx Best game!!! Super epic, challenging and addictive map I ever played!!! Keep up the good work!!! If you make the 2nd map, I will record it in youtube, hahaha!!!

2016-09-11 05:55

-2 Decafkiller007 what seed does this map have

2016-08-14 16:27

0 datguy wow didn't expect this to be so good

2016-04-16 17:58

+1 joered05 WOW this map is REALY FUN i hope you make a 2nd.

2016-04-10 16:23

+1 huopfrt these is the best map I played so far make more

2016-03-28 23:26

+4 AWESOME! I LOVE IT! plz make more... its epic!

2016-03-19 17:43

0 ChrisDaBac Map is awesome, got stuck at the minecraft part and broke it, Finally realized I needed to ride in it. I thought it was cute and I actually made a youtube video on it, A link to this map will be included. Please make more!

2016-03-17 21:27

+3 B You can get out without the pressure plate... Move the +'s 1 block away from the wall.

2016-03-16 23:06

+1 CocoPC I will film this, it will be nice, bad thing is when i make the video, is not in english, it's in my native language :(, but anyway, this map is so awesome!

2016-03-16 21:18

+4 NICO_THE_PRO Quoting BobFrankie:
Loved it! Please make more. Plot twist ending xD

I will make more... don't worry :P

Thank for support really!

2016-03-15 18:39

+2 BobFrankie Loved it! Please make more. Plot twist ending xD

2016-03-14 20:43


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