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Biome Dropper

Created by Kobe Games

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Map Info

Welcome to a brand new dropper map!

This map will take you on a journey through 14 different dropper levels. Some are easy, others are more difficult but they all have the same goal: amaze you with the beauty of the most important biome.

The goal of a dropper is to (as the name says it) free fall from high up and avoid many obstacles the evil map creator might have added for you to fail. This makes it challenging as you have to think fast and predict what will come on you. After all there are many paths to the bottom, so your turn to use your wisdom to choose the easiest path to water.


All Biomes

  • Desert
  • Ocean
  • Flower plains
  • Mushroom
  • Nether
  • End
  • Jungle
  • Forest
  • Mineshaft
  • Taiga
  • Swamp
  • Mesa
  • Savanna

Additional Info

If you are making a Youtube video for this map leave a link for your viewers to play it as well. This way everyone can enjoy the hard work put into this project. Also if you want more be sure to leave some feedback and send me your playthroughs for me to watch !

Thank you for taking time in your day to play this map,

Kobe Games

Map Details

Creator: Kobe Games
(667 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 1.4 MB
Added: 2016-08-02
Downloads: 29,900
Category: Dropper Maps


+7 logan paul this map is so lit and soo op!!!!!!! and a like do thank this map crator

2017-06-02 12:30

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+5 Cacaonut We recorded a video playing your map.
Link: https://youtu.be/mNhmW5PjZx8
Nice Map!

2017-05-08 18:54

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+5 BaconDes7royer4 Quoting Maria:
Yes you can

We can build it, yes we can!

2017-04-03 20:54

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+9 E1ectricgamer RAINBOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! !!

2017-01-03 23:35

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+7 Maria Yes you can
Quoting bob:
can i use this on 1.11.2?

2016-12-26 08:15

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+2 bob can i use this on 1.11.2?

2016-12-23 16:30

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+4 Nobody 2 I dont like this map its to hard and ive played many dropper maps and this is a lot harder than all other ones.

2016-12-22 15:48

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0 Nobody there is no Ice Spikes Biome

2016-11-27 04:19

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+2 jared daine how hard is it? like how long does it take to complete on average?

2016-11-09 04:27

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+2 CreepermanX Its by kobe it does not need to be played to know its 5 stars :D love ya fam Keep makeing maps!

2016-11-04 00:01

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+8 Jaccey I like this map very much!

2016-08-26 03:53

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-1 Christopher You should make it so that you cant just parkour down.

2016-08-23 16:15

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+4 MSUCreep I love this map its my favorite dropper map of all time!

2016-08-22 23:46

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+3 Juarezbros great map and very fun and I may check out your channel

2016-08-03 03:03

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