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Conveyor Belts

Created by Mr_Moose

(249 votes)

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Command Info

Please note:

  • This command requires Minecraft 1.12 - Snapshot 17w06a
  • You will need to enable snapshots in the Minecraft Launcher to select this version.
  • It will NOT work in older client versions.

Move items, mobs, players and more in Mr_Moose's first 1.12 only one command creation, Conveyor Belts!


Made for Minecraft 1.12

Conveyor Belts

Creator: Mr_Moose
Map Category: Custom Commands
Map Version: 1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12
File Size: 7 KB
Date Added: 2017-03-20
Downloads: 2,774


0 Beattboxxvlogg hi, can you tell us in the description what coordinates the minecart goes to pls?

2017-08-13 08:24

+3 SecretPlayer 666 Nice. Why don't you update it into the release of 1.12? It has already released a few weeks ago before I wrote this comment. Also, I didn't expect if it didn't download the map, but it shows the command. The file size is only 7 KB(0,007 MB), and it is so low.

2017-06-17 06:33


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