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1 Player Map

Created by NICO_THE_PRO

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Note: This is a "Custom Command". You'll be redirected to Pastebin where you can copy it for use in your minecraft world.

Command Info

This one command block creation will make your map 100% one player only!

If more players join, they will be put in spectator mode and if the player that is actually playing leaves, one random player in spectator mode will be picked to be the new actual gamemode adventure player!

If you want to support me, I have a youtube channel where I do daily videos on mapping and other fun stuff! Click to subscribe!

Map Details

(144 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 4.3 KB
Added: 2018-04-26
Downloads: 3,273
Category: Custom Commands


+7 Fisharecute Gonna use this for a mini-game server thanks 8D

2018-04-30 01:30

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+1 cooly1234 i am not a mapmaker but sounds GREAT! i will totally recommend to my friends.

2018-04-28 01:29

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+5 Stephen Podgorski Seems interesting, I'll give it a go

2018-04-28 01:09

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