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Panda Islands

Created by AJfireball

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Welcome to Panda Islands! This is a fun CTM sky island map with 16 unique and fun islands to explore!

This map doesn't require you to do mining as it gives you resources just to explore the islands!

There are also difficulties, custom spawners and builds in islands too.   


Map Details

Creator: AJfireball
(232 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.1
Size: 2.76 MB
Added: 2017-08-27
Downloads: 9,393
Category: CTM Maps


+3 Simsalabimmi I like this map very much! This is so good and interesting! Me and my friend play that and we rekt that map! My thinkings about that map:

Good things:
+ Good for multiplayer
+ Many interesting islands and interesting boss
+ Beautiful and funny swords and others like that
+ Many more things, but i´m very bad in English :)

Bad things:
- I don´t have starting room
- I can break doors without key... but i find them, because fun.
- TOO EASY! :)

! recommended this map for everybody who like PvE and adventures.

2018-02-28 18:10

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-1 spartanwolf223 Hey I recorded a video on my youtube channel of panda islands. check it out here! https://youtu.be/KhGO754tVt4 please drop a like and subscribe :D

2017-10-25 14:01

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+10 TazzyLizzy Can this map be played in multiplayer?

2017-09-07 17:30

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+5 JUSTIN582 The wood mansion islands is kind of hard but other than that. This map is awesome

2017-08-30 18:55

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+9 GTa Good map

2017-08-29 22:38

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+6 saad NIce map great textures

2017-08-29 18:13

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