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Fantasy War

Created by FreakyPotato

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Map Info:
After one month of hard work it's finally here. Fantasy War is map, where you can see war between sea and hell.

This map contains:
1 whale, 3 dolphins, 2 turtles, 1 dragon, 3 bats and amazing islands.

Also you can take anything from this map, as long you give me CREDIT.

Download the map and check it out! :)

- FreakyPotato

Map Details

Creator: FreakyPotato
(43 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 1.9 MB
Added: 2015-08-03
Downloads: 14,444
Category: Creation Maps


0 person This is awesome! I especially liked how you made it bad against good!

2016-05-10 09:41

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+1 baohung0216 amazing,i like map

2016-01-05 03:57

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-2 Honeybee46 OMG This Map Is SOOO SOOO good. Great Work On The Build. =D

2015-11-30 21:31

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-2 GamerLyzza Hey FreakyPotato! Nice map! :) Hope everyone else who downloaded this also loves it :)

2015-11-28 07:47

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0 GavazSuperSwag Congratulations for this beauiful map!!!

2015-08-21 15:20

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+1 FreakyPotato Thanks a lot :)

2015-08-06 21:10

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+2 TheSoraGaming This is a beautiful map:3 Really good work man.

2015-08-03 21:33

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+2 ProGamer737 amazing,i like the hell island,the dragon,and a huge whale

2015-08-03 12:04

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