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Creative Home

Created by X_Mathias_X

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Map Info:
Welcome to the Creative Home, where everything you can think of, big or small, has probably been built.

-Want a semi-automatic wheat, carrot, and potato farm? Done.
-Tranquil places to meditate, Done.
-Hidden doors, Done.
-An archery range, with scaling difficulty, Done.
-A blaze rod farm, Done.
-An arena, Done and Done.

If I haven't got it, let me know, and I'll give it a go!

With so much going on, and much more to be added, Why not give it a go?

Oh and did I mention it has a ROLLER COASTER!?!?

3.0 Additions:
-A Gym.
-A theatre, with piston tape screen, ticket system, snack bar and custom villager shops. Made by Cahillvesper.
-A redesigned farm, with more room for the animals to move, with horses, and a new egg farm, now out of earshot, unless you tak the elevator in the lower lighthouse, though out of earshot at the top of the lighthouse.
-Removed the minecart track from the top of the head, as it served no purpose.
-A doorbell, located on the smooth stone generator.
-A hot tub, located in the bathroom.

2.0 Additions:
- Redesigned the chicken farm slightly, to have a better sorting / disposal system.
- Death point teleporter, which is located on top of the head, and teleports the player to the start of the map.
- An automatic furnace, located in the redesigned kitchen.
- A Machine gun/TNT launcher, located on the lengthened runway.
- Redesignd the flooring in the head, and moved the bedroom to the zone of tranquility.
- Made an automatic item destroyer, located in the bathroom, which is where the zone of tranquility was.
- Diamond waterfall, located above the old zone of tranquility, which is now the house.
- water slide, which starts next to the water/boat elevator.
- TNT cannon, which is used to ascend the statu quickly.
- Lengthened the minecart wave generator, redid the redstone behind it.
- Added sorting system to the mini mob grinder/do farm.

Map Details

Creator: X_Mathias_X
(35 votes)
Version: 4.0
MC Version: 1.6.4
Size: 17 MB
Added: 2013-06-08
Downloads: 86,019
Category: Creation Maps


+1 Weak_Pistol Umm... well just saying, but well my world had all the redstone broken when i spawned in can someone try to fix this and if they can tell me what went worng? Thanks.

2016-07-24 00:18

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+2 BooksRCool Some hidden rooms to discover would be cool too!

2015-04-02 15:49

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+13 JD2408 Quoting X_Mathias_X:
Ok ladies and gentlemen, I need to ask a serious question...

Should I continue this map in pro the new update (1.8), or,
Should I make a new map, under the same name...

I have com to the realization that the next update will be adding so much, as have the last few updates, and it is getting quite difficult for me to be motivated in the map anymore (life just does not slow down)

So, I am turning to you, the fans of the map... 1.8 promises to add so much, and I want the map to be apart of it... But at its current stage, it may not be possible...

Yes you should. Mc 1.8 has a lot to offer! Thx if u do! :)

2014-09-21 04:24

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+3 MineCraftianite Yay! I am looking forward to the new server/map. Thanks for restarting the project!

2014-09-07 21:56

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+4 X_Mathias_X Just a warning however that the map will be put up through an Adf.ly link, as I am going to use the money toward our new server...

And no, the map will not be all bunched together like the old one, I have taken that into the core of the project so that everyone can enjoy it, no matter the specs of their PC...

I hope...

Anyway, I should get back to work on the map,
Keep and eye here for the update

As always,
Signed with hopes and excitement
Mathias: the ever smiling redstoner

2014-08-22 07:34

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+5 X_Mathias_X Hey all,

Mathias here again... wow, it has been a while...

But I come bearing a gift of hope...

I am bringing the creative home to the world...


yes, you read correctly, I am starting the next project I promised so long ago.
And I apologise in the lateness of this, but I do have reasons...

1. I have been trying to get a job Irl so I can afford:
2. A Server!!, yes, my girlfriend and I are looking to start an MC server, and this is also being worked on.
3. I'm somewhat hectic

So there it is... Rejoice in the knowledge that the map you have come to know and love will be making a return, bigger and better than ever...

2014-08-22 07:31

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+2 f_fellfussel_l Are you crazy!!! Just started to take a look around...now..4 hrs later I still haven't figured out what else to see!!! There is sooooo much stuff. And the rollercoaster is even longer when you think it's long and then it is even longer XD. The tree eater is awesome.Have to retry it on Linux then I miiight have a chance to see what happens (old version + Java + Windows == :( ) (without destroying block by block just to get to the secrets ;) )

2014-07-23 22:59

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+5 Jimmy Great Map!!!!!
My 13nth download, and finally a good one.
just one thing: at the top of the "May kill you" tnt elevator, there was a TNT cannon made with Lamps and hoppers and Quartz.
Every time I re-downloaded the map. it always blew itself up. Is there a way to fix this?

2014-07-18 09:08

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+1 MineCraftianite You should use the new 14w19b slime block mechanics to make flying machines! :D

2014-05-09 22:58

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+7 X_Mathias_X Hey all, sorry for not updating in a while, I've been really busy Irl.

To put a few things in perspective, I'll make a list:
1. I'm lazy and inconsistent.
B. I never follow anything through.
7. I'm waiting for 1.8 to roll out before I start...

Yes, I am waiting for 1.8, as it adds new world gen conditions.
So expect a more survival feel to the map, along with some neat new redstone devices...

That's all folks.

Signed, the ever smiling redstoner

2014-05-05 10:47

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+5 c4539 When I trade with a villager with a custom item, the game crash ( Read more about the error here: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-32604 ). Try fixing this on your next version.

"I believe the reason is because of the last offer of a Villager being item #36 which used to be the "null-value" block used to prevent the villager from creating new randomly generated ones. This item has now been changed to the "piston-extensi on" block which is unobtainable, thus the game crashes. I found out that if you replace this item with anything else (I tend to use bedrock), it works fine in any version"

-Hayden White

2014-03-28 01:43

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+15 jimblejam Awesome map! but when you make Creative home 2 could you please make it a zip. it would save me, and a lot of other people, so much time

2014-03-20 07:24

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+1 X_Mathias_X Well... half my plan out the window here...

Windows 8 decided to crash, forcing me to reset my pc back to factory settings, and me being the genius i am, forgot to back up my pc... SO, to make a long story short, there is no more Creative home II... the final update was deleted in the reset... But, where there is bad news, there is good news... due to the whole reset thing, i am taking it as a sign... Time to restart the map from scratch... in a survival world, in creative mode... Kinda like antvenom's, only my version... I plan to have everything the old world had, but more spread out, to reduce the pc load... So, to all of you, who have seen the map grow and flourish, i thank you... each and every one of you...

Signed X_Mathias_X

Or Mat for short =D

2014-03-07 11:56

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+9 X_Mathias_X Been a while since I was here... Came on to let you all know I will be releasing the final version of creative home II in the next few days... After a little while, I will be restarting the map...

So any suggestions that are made will be kept in reserve for when we get to a point they will be deemed suitable...

Now, to find a way to drag myself from my server long enough to make the map


2014-02-19 11:03

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+9 MrSuperCapt Making your own texture pack would be cool and making the items modified. Its a BIG idea but with what you have created I do believe you can do it.

2014-02-19 00:02

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+13 smartminer365 A vending machine would be cool. It's pretty simple. Put different foods in a dispenser/dropp er and use levers to get tasty Minecraft snacks! You could also use a hopper system to make sure the person pays for the food. Emeralds are good currency, but you can also use cactus green and lime dyes. You could use potions in a drink machine. I did that in my restaurant- swiftness as an energy drink and regeneration as a fruit smoothie. You could use milk buckets for milk.

2014-02-16 23:12

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+3 X_Mathias_X Also, I must apologies to you all, I promised you an update, but as of yet, the map is nowhere near ready to be put up...

Due to this, I am leaning more to a new carnation of the map... I will firstly hear from the voices of the fans, as it is your opinion I truly value...

And thank you for all the downloads/sugge stions/kind words... It really lifts my spirits to know you all love this map just as much as I do

So, in short, I've been lazy and haven't updated the map yet.
I may just release what is in it now, and call it the final release of this version of the map...

Signed, with apologies and a bowed head...

2014-01-28 01:11

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+3 X_Mathias_X Ok ladies and gentlemen, I need to ask a serious question...

Should I continue this map in pro the new update (1.8), or,
Should I make a new map, under the same name...

I have com to the realization that the next update will be adding so much, as have the last few updates, and it is getting quite difficult for me to be motivated in the map anymore (life just does not slow down)

So, I am turning to you, the fans of the map... 1.8 promises to add so much, and I want the map to be apart of it... But at its current stage, it may not be possible...

2014-01-28 01:03

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+6 X_Mathias_X kieranstock8

The map is fairly old, pretty sure I started it in 1.1, or an update around there... As for you ideas, I don't like mansions... Just a personal preference... As for the mob arena, there is one, it's just that the map is locked at perma noon, so it doesn't work...

2014-01-26 23:11

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+7 kieranstock8 Maybe you could have a mansion as the main house, and also a mob arena would be cool

2014-01-25 17:17

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+5 kieranstock8 Hey, excellent map by the way, how long did it take you to build it?

2014-01-25 17:14

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+6 X_Mathias_X Quoting kalkool10:
add horse testing place where you test their speed and jump and a place to place horses by their abilities.

This seems like a practical idea. It may end up in the next update...

2014-01-04 22:38

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+5 X_Mathias_X Thank you Rambo gaming for the news and updates... I was not aware that people were reviewing the map.

As for the mod+map, be my guest.

And thank you for the suggestions... I may use some of them in the next update...

Thanks again Rambo gaming, have a happy new year, and keep your eyes peeled for the next update...

2014-01-04 09:42

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+6 Rambo_Gaming Btw here is a bunch of ideas for the map... pvp arena,grand lava fountain, herobrine shrine, packed ice block maze, Olympic swimming pool, Football stadium, hockey rink, npc city, mob grinder capable of killing spawning and killing giants, tnt cannons, fire able tanks(tnt cannon perhaps), bobby trapped temple, statues of all mobs including bosses and herobrine, a working escalator, a skyscraper, and a room with a lava floor with a layer of glass over it. sorry for any repeats that are already in the map if any it is a really big map but after reading your comments and seeing that you were out of ideas i thought that you could use a few ideas, sincerly~ rambo_Gaming

2014-01-04 02:32

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+7 Rambo_Gaming Hey Mathias, i just wanted to give you an update as soon as possible but i have been very busy making mods and reviews but i couldn't help but noticed that a lot more people are reviewing your map, I'm not sure if you are already aware of this yet but a lot of people are spreading around and every machinima member has reviewed it. sadly at machinima we only live stream but i plan on combining this map with a mod if it is okay with you and record it so I can post it on my independent channel. please respond asap and thanks again for this highly impressive map and if you would accept i would like you to do a mod review with me sometime Thanks... ~Rambo_Gaming

2014-01-04 02:17

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+2 kalkool10 add horse testing place where you test their speed and jump and a place to place horses by their abilities.

2014-01-02 17:57

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+4 X_Mathias_X Quoting lilu445:
I like your map! I spend most of my time in your gym

Thanks... I'm glad you like the map... And the gym was pretty fun to make...

2013-12-30 07:57

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+6 lilu445 I like your map! I spend most of my time in your gym

2013-12-29 00:28

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+5 X_Mathias_Xt MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas... And for those of you who don't celebrate it, I wish you a happy-whatever- it-is-you-celeb rate (I mean no disrespect by that... There are just too many to name)... Hoping you are all having a fun time... Getting many gifts... And enjoying great company...

Also... Thank you all for the support... It has been an interesting ride... Would have loved some contest entries, but live and let learn...

Until next time...

Signed, the ever optimistic Redstoner

2013-12-24 15:07

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+5 X_Mathias_X One thing I forgot to mention I added was an evil lab type building... Not giving a location, it's up for you to find it... Mwuahahahaha

Signed the Redstoner

2013-12-20 13:43

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