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Altantic School

Created by MagicalFelix

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Map Info

This wonderful map is a boarding secondary school that does all things you need.

It has 120 rooms with 2 people per room.

The classrooms sizes are small to keep individual attention. :)


Map Details

Creator: MagicalFelix
(267 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 4.29 MB
Added: 2018-04-26
Downloads: 5,177
Category: Creation Maps


0 Minecraft_Girl123 What resource pack did you use?

2019-06-23 17:55

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0 Minecraft_Girl123 Wow.......I am so making this for a rp, I'll give credit.

2019-06-23 17:31

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+6 idea u should make a school with command blocks so it is roleplay

2018-05-18 15:34

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+7 little ally wow amazing

2018-05-06 18:35

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+5 dastardlysnail Hey I need some help when I loaded in the world it took me to spawn aka a forest what are the cords for the school

2018-05-05 17:43

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