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Oshode City

Created by TheTekkitRealm

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Note: The file size of this map is extremely large (1.79 GB).

Map Info

From the makers of Audia City, We bring you, Oshode.

With over 4,000 total buildings, and 96 square kilometers of land, Oshode city is officially the biggest Minecraft city ever made, along with being one of the biggest Minecraft maps in general.

Two years in the making, and with the help of over 100 dedicated people, it is now available for download!

Explore countless buildings and beaches. Or go for a hike in the national forest. Or try your luck with infiltrating Area 51.

There are endless possibilities. Six airports, three theme parks, three islands, 946 houses, 20+ boats and ships, and much more!

Oshode is a 1:14 scale recreation of Southern California. (With some added detail).



Map Details

Creator: TheTekkitRealm
(1175 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 1.79 GB
Added: 2018-10-21
Downloads: 31,867
Category: City Maps

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+6 Bushof41 Does This work in 1.14? I searched up Oshode and it did not come up.

2019-08-01 04:32

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+3 Sammm123 Thanks for this map I am going to be using it for my city survival

2019-07-27 20:54

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-1 Trey I love this map

2019-07-27 04:21

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-1 Falcon Incredible Map Cant Believe How Great It Is Well Done Its Great Fun To Play And Roleplay On I Like Closing An Area And Have A huge Hunger Games Try It Out Best Download Worth The Space 10000000/100000 00

2019-07-07 13:49

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-6 Myneit2018 This map is the best!!! How tho is it a flippin 2 GB of storage space?

2019-07-02 16:33

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-4 brian extreme excellent work! comarade!

2019-06-20 15:28

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2019-06-07 04:07

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-3 NinjaOfOrthanc good work, with a few mods you can have T-Hunt from Rainbow 6 Siege

2019-06-04 19:29

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0 Alexis Does this work around version 1.9 or lower because it lags out a LOT for me!

2019-05-30 18:32

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2019-05-21 18:09

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+91 StrongRuler I'm scared to load this ._.

2018-12-27 14:29

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+5 nani awesome!

2018-12-21 10:05

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+12 Anna hey dude, I love your map! But, I only needed the school and the little houses on the side. It's a great map and I know it took you more than 6 months to build it. You should probably make another map.

2018-12-12 23:13

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+11 BubbaBub Nice Work, just drop it into hard mode and you have The Walking Dead! (without a few friends that is)

2018-12-11 02:07

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+2 sapnu puas amazing job done, so much work was put into this omg

2018-12-02 16:16

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+7 FoxTrot hats off to this map

2018-11-28 13:23

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+7 xKaiChanx This looks awesome! I might try to download it.. Though that's large file size. Still awesome.

2018-11-23 23:59

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2018-11-23 12:37

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+6 sirmeliodas I loved audia city and this one too 1mil stars from me.

2018-11-23 06:40

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+2 ender_wither0000 cool

2018-11-17 16:55

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-19 Niko will this not work on minecraft version 1.7.10?

2018-11-16 15:24

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+7 Ryan This maps is very Big and cool!

2018-11-16 02:24

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-6 josh sick world bro

2018-11-16 00:37

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+11 Lonewolf This map really helped about where me and 100 friends where gonna role-play! it was really awesome dude,keep up the awesome work!(oh,i also think that maybe you should copy this world but in a post-apocalypti c scene, like in a zombie apocalypse or aliens taking over the world!i hope you like my idea, if you don't well im still happy to give you this idea! and if it was a zombie apocalypse, then area 51 should be the safe house or the safest place,(which is according to me)so anyways, i ope you still do stuff like this bro! it really is awesome, and 5 stars from me and a round of applause! *clapping with friends * i just blocked some areas where no one was living except for area 51 so bye!!!

-~Lonewolf~- >^<

2018-11-11 11:34

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+14 Esconis Could you make this a server? A city server with loads of players would be really cool

2018-11-11 09:27

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0 Cloudie Does it have a school and is everything furnished?

2018-11-06 18:22

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+1 mutrax Hi, still importing, but is there a reason that there are two saved folders in the zip?

2018-11-02 09:07

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0 Den AWESOME! i'm still downloading it and i'm predicting it to be SOOOO! AWESOME!!!!!!!

2018-10-31 09:32

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+2 bluspacedude Great map to admire and blow up when ur bored. Love it.

2018-10-28 19:23

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0 warriorking very nice!

2018-10-28 14:55

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