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Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Kiev, Ukraine)

Created by SANAR

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This is not an exact copy, but an adaptation of a real city under Minecraft. The entire decor and 20% of the buildings are invented and do not correspond to the original. I tried to stick to approximate proportions and scales. There are a couple of buildings with an interior, but everything else, unfortunately, was built only outside the "exterior".

These are not just copied houses, or boxes with holes for windows, as in most cities of minecraft. Each house is individual and made to the details. He took not size, but quality =) I tried a couple of months, I hope for your response).

I am from Ukraine, I don’t speak English, so I’m writing everything via google translator =)


Map Details

Creator: SANAR
(459 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 49 MB
Added: 2018-12-03
Downloads: 25,681
Category: City Maps


+3 Ice and Fire Gamer OMMGGG is cooool

2019-02-16 14:52

+2 Wingman Can I use this on my youtube video???

2019-02-12 15:22

0 Dave Does this map include the Chernobyl Nuclear site?

2019-02-11 16:32

0 idk I love this map its great :D

2019-02-09 04:47

0 Jacke Very beautiful and big map, excellent job! Only thing I wanted in the beginning was a book in English, not ukrainish :P

Дуже велика і красива карта, відмінна робота! Єдина річ, яку я хотів на початку, - це книга англійською, а не українська.
З повагою,


2019-01-21 21:43

0 Tom That looks AWSAM!!!!!!!

2019-01-16 06:49

0 MRMAX Bro amazing map! I am from Ukraine but sadly live in the US I have been to Kiev once when I was going on a trip and you did it good! I really like the McDonalds :D All in all amazing build!

2019-01-14 17:59

0 rejlo nice

2019-01-12 09:29

0 wackey.3.KYLIE is there a school???

2019-01-12 02:08

+62 Chase Dang this is a good map

2018-12-27 21:46

+46 AssassinT_Rex Awesome map :) Loved

2018-12-18 14:23

+33 SANAR Quoting Rykiar:
Wow, thats cool!

Glad to first comment) Nice to hear, thanks)

2018-12-07 01:19

+40 Rykiar Wow, thats cool!

2018-12-05 18:53


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