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Jay's Parkour Race  

This map will have you running, jumping, and dodging your way to the end! Play alone for the fastest time or challenge a friend in a race to the finish!

Creator: JayMineCrafton MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-04-03 Downloads: 22,419
(14 votes)
Comments: 7

Shattered PVP  

Fun and unique PvP map with bows, built entirely for vanilla minecraft. Best played with 4+ players.

Creator: Panguino MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-04-02 Downloads: 14,907
(19 votes)
Comments: 4


Terrorists have just destroyed your city and you are the only one who can fight back by stopping the event from ever happening.

Creator: SMAG MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-04-01 Downloads: 82,658
(34 votes)
Comments: 163


Convection is a difficult singleplayer or multiplayer parkour map with frequent checkpoints and a death counter.

Creator: ShockingShots MC Version: 1.8.1
Date Added: 2015-03-31 Downloads: 18,887
(10 votes)
Comments: 20

Sleepless Nights  

Andrew Blake is your average person, with an average house and average life. However, there is one large problem with it. Andrew Blake cannot sleep. He hasn't slept for 15 years.

Creator: Generator of Cubes MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-03-31 Downloads: 32,732
(19 votes)
Comments: 46


Shades is a very fast paced game that requires you to think on your feet, very simple concept, surprisingly challenging.

Creator: Betathedata MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-03-31 Downloads: 10,123
(9 votes)
Comments: 5

SpeedRunners - A Game of Evasion  

Speedrunners is a hide-n-seek like minigame in which chasers are to hunt down and kill the runners. The runners must evade and try to survive for five minutes in a closed map to win.

Creator: RyanBlue/NikolajTheGuy MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-03-31 Downloads: 16,943
(17 votes)
Comments: 8

Jay's Parkour Challenge 2  

You've gone 34 days without cake, jumped on some very odd blocks, triumphed Temple Trifecta, and mastered the caves in Pickour. But can you defeat my second parkour challenge?

Creator: JayMineCrafton MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-03-30 Downloads: 24,885
(4 votes)
Comments: 8

The Labyrinth of Sordrin - Wailing Nightmares  

Explore the maze, discover hidden chambers and puzzling landmarks. Solve the mystery, and overcome a daunting challenge to free the villagers.

Creator: Sordrin MC Version: 1.8.3
Date Added: 2015-03-27 Downloads: 31,030
(19 votes)
Comments: 26

Puzzle Parkour  

Puzzle out how to Parkour! In this map you need to find out what all blocks do.

Creator: HIHIQY1 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-03-27 Downloads: 29,281
(19 votes)
Comments: 11

Dragonic Parkour Challenge III  

Dragonic Parkour Challenge III is a parkour map, where you must use your skills to beat 10 very hard levels and collect 10 hidden blocks along the way.

Creator: dragonic212 MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-03-26 Downloads: 7,962
(10 votes)
Comments: 6

Stranded Raft  

You find yourself stranded on a raft floating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Creator: Ermin Caft MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-03-22 Downloads: 375,290
(850 votes)
Comments: 208

Blocks Angeles  

A modern city with lots of buildings, a transit system, and vehicles. Blocks Angeles has been recently updated, check it out!

Creator: alexhead8835 MC Version: 0.14.0
Date Added: 2015-03-22 Downloads: 37,667
(1128 votes)
Comments: 5

NXUS Modern Architecture City  

The city that focuses on modern design.

Creator: nxus MC Version: 0.13.0
Date Added: 2015-03-22 Downloads: 28,212
(775 votes)
Comments: 6

The Bane of Ebondale  

Your peaceful existence in the quiet mining town of Ebondale is thrown into disarray when a freak accident causes chaos amongst the local inhabitants.

Creator: Flylikeamouse MC Version: 1.8
Date Added: 2015-03-21 Downloads: 45,528
(27 votes)
Comments: 71
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